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SirLoin’s Babe Wednesday: Joys of Christmas

 We are finishing out the 2014 with pin-ups and a special message for our readers. 







Change is in the air. This will be the final Babe Wednesday for 2014 and the last that will appear on this blog. We have learned a lot since starting this series whose aim was to showcase gorgeous black women for the appreciation to those who love seeing them. First lesson learned was the desire for readers to participate and upload their own photos and engage each other in their appreciation of the women that they find beautiful.

The producers of Babe Wednesday have had and appreciate the site owner’s full support of our efforts. We do however recognize that a misstep or two on our part has been made regarding the perception of who this blog is for, who is welcome here, who’s voice is allowed to speak and how inclusive some readers feel it should be when it comes to including a man’s perspective. We have heard loud and clear. Hence the second lesson learned. We do acknowledge the dissonance with showcasing some these types of images on what is primarily, though not entirely, a black woman’s site.

Most readers were generous enough at best to see this series for the light hearted romp that it was intended to be. Others understood the desire to include and reach the blogs various segments of the reading audience and still others at the very least respectfully ignored the series entirely. We do admit some of the content did push the envelop and offended the sensibilities of some of our readers and for that we do offer a sincere apology.

For the fans of Babe Wednesday all is not lost. A new opportunity and options that were not available previously are at hand. 2015 is at our doorstep and Babe Wednesday will live on bigger and better but just not here on the BB&W blog. We will be moving this content to the BB&W Forum’s Man Cave in the Locker Room sub-catagory. It will have it’s own thread under the banner “It’s Babe Wednesday Every Day”. This move is deemed a better fit and location for how the feature’s readers actually want to participate in and enjoy the content. It also came as the result of the third lesson learned. That this content be labeled so that those who do not want to view and participate are warned ahead of time.

Those wanting to enjoy Babe Wednesday will have to subscribe to the forum and then purposely click past three levels in order to freely view and upload the content they want and those not wanting to view the content need not go though those steps and can ignore the entire section very easily.

So once again change is in the air as we move ahead. Looking forward to seeing fans of Babe Wednesday in the Forum’s Man Cave starting in January 2015.

Happy Holidays.

Christmas striper Mrs Santa Claus seducing man

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