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Slave Master Love Redux: The Myth that Only White Men Want Black Women for Sex

Lurking through the various blogs like a sneaky, slinky, snake-y, snake person I came across a quote was so classic, epic, spot-on and concise, I had to smuggle it in here so I could rant about it:

I find it interesting that black women only comment on non black men ‘wanting sex.’ Most black women seem to have zero problems with sleeping with black men who only want sex. Do you really think that most black men view black women, in a non sexual way?

I just wish that more black women would set high standards and not allow ANY man to use them for sex, irrespective of the man’s pigment. Perhaps this would drive down the number of black abortions and out of wedlock children.

Well blow me over with a monkey’s uncle. This chick says the obvious and I love her–whoever she is.

Black Male Sex Privilege?

Why is it that white men seeking black women for companionship is immediately received with so much suspicion, while it seems that black men en masse have been given a pass to pump and dump, and the evidence of this is the superbly-embarrassing fact that 73 percent of African American children are born out of wedlock. And when on occasion I accidently land on B.E.T. (aka Buffoonery Exploitive Television) and see (c)rappers simulating sex orgies with a parade of jump-offs, how come I don’t hear black women say, “Oh, I could never date a rapper because all they want is some big-booty sex!” And why is it that black women wanting white men is cause for intervention via priest and holy water?

Is it only acceptable and “pure” if only black men what black women for sex?

Somebody please ‘splain.

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