No Wedding, No Womb!

So…Because I Married Interracially, I’m Not Black Anymore?

In all seriousness, people; really?

It has come to my attention that SOME folks who love the NWNW message are coming to THIS site and are flabbergasted and flummoxed that a black woman who married interracially has the NERVE to speak out against out-of-wedlock children in the Black Community.


Never mind that my oldest child’s father is by a man about a black as you can get. And then, forget about the white guy who loves her like his own (as in, just like the other three we made together). This is a travesty! The organizer of a movement to call black people to the carpet to put children first when procreating DOES NOT FIT THE PRE-APPROVED BLACK PERSON CHECKLIST!! Somebody call Al Sharpton, ASAP!

So let me get this straight, Oh Defenders of All Things Dark & Lovely, what exactly is it that you are offended about?

  • That my 12-year-old daughter’s father didn’t think it was necessary to marry the mother of his only child?
  • That my husband, who is as white as the driven snow, fell in love with me and my daughter and married the package?
  • The fact that my husband is a church-going, loyal and faithful provider for his family, works his backside to the bone so that I can stay home with our kids and pursue my dreams of world domination?

What is it? Is it because he has a melanin deficiency? We’re going to HAVE to get that looked into. Or maybe I should just divorce him so that I can please you.

But in the meantime, for those who support the NWNW message but shun the VERY IDEA that a black woman DARE seek happiness with anyone other than a black man, don’t bother with your support. I don’t need it. Because take a gander at all the folks who signed on to our historic event, despite that fact that some of you think I’m some kind of ‘race traitor.’

No Wedding, No Womb! Contributors (list updates daily)

Lamar Tyler, blogger, (oh sweet irony!)

Gina McCauley, blogger and activist,
Lenny McAllister, New host of WVON “The Talk of Chicago 1690” Morning Radio Show
Karyn Folan, author, Don’t Bring Home a White Boy and blogger
Danielle Belton, blogger,
Paul Carrick Brunson, Matchmaker, Relationship Coach and Founder, OneDegreeFrom.Me
Cherryl Aldave, writer, poet, blogger,
Cynthia Griffin, Editor,
Aja Jackson, freelance writer,
Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt, attorney, Blog Talk Radio Host, Right of Black, blogger,
Tim Alexandar, writer/producer/director Diary of a Mad Black Man and blogger of
Sophia Angeli Nelson, blogger, and political/social commentary opinion writer,
Shanon D. Murray, radio host and blogger,, columnist for
Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, co-author, Stolen and blogger,
Lisa G. Riley, co-author, Stolen and blogger,
John T. Wills, author, Just A Season and blogger,
Cherilyn Smith, blogger,
Betty Chambers, blogger,
Deborrah Cooper, dating advice columnist, author, BlogTalkRadio host and blogger SurvivingDating.Com
Regina Townsend,
Citizen Ojo,
Cicely Johnson, founder, CJR Publishing and host of Blog Out Loud
Jenee Darden, journalist,
Kellina Craig-Henderson, psychologist and author, Black Women in Interracial Relationships: In Search of Love and Solace and blogger,
Jo Bai, blogger,
Kimberly Woods, blogger,
Renee Tecco, blogger, Sardonic Sistah Says at
Onica Cupido, blogger,
Onica Cupido, blogger,
Lyn Twyman, founder of Courage Network,
Zabeth, blogger,
Javonne Stewart, blogger,
Faith Dow, blogger,
LeslieBeth Wish, Ed. D. MSS, social worker and blogger,
Arielle Loren, advocate and blogger,
Torrey Spears, Truth from a Non-Hyphenated American,
Eric Payne, Makes Me Wanna Holler, Man, Dad Husband
Frederick J. Goodall, blogger,
Veronica Miller, blogger,
Afua Boahene, blogger, Conversations With My Sisters at
Keshia Robertson, blogger,
Jenni Lewis, special to
Velouroyale Luvv, blogger,
Lorriane Nowlin, blogger,
Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, certified life and relationship coach and blogger,
Nisa I. Muhammad,
Vanessa Jean-Louis, blogger,
Martin Lindsey, blogger,
Tara Pringle-Jefferson, blogger,
Danny Rodriguez, blogger,
Walter Myers III, blogger,
N. Maurice Williams,
Thembi Ford, blogger,
Kweli Wright, blogger
Jennifer Kay, Uncommon Sense,
Pioneer Valley Woman,
Jamie Flemming,
Tracie Frank,
Kimberly Jessy, magazine publisher,
Brittany Bacon, blogger,
Angela Nichelle Bradley, blogger,
Brooke Brimm, blogger,,
Natashia Burch, blogger,
Angela Nealy, blogger,
Willie Whitehead, guest blogger for
Jennifer Vaughn,
Black American Brides,
Tracy L. Scott,
Adwoa K. Boahene,
Robin Martin, Blog Talk Radio host and blogger,
Deserie Johnson, poetess,
Vonmiwi Culvera, blogger,
Christelyn D. Karazin, NWNW founder, co-author of Swirling: How to Date Mate & Relate, Mixing Race, Culture & Creed, host for Beyond Black & White
Deborah White, blogger,
Tatum Forbes, blogger,
Arlene Fenton, political activist
Joyll Cambridge, blogger,
Doctor Joyce Morley, Psychotherapist; Relationship Expert; Executive/Relationship/Life Coach,
Amani Channel, blogger,, (to provide information on child support and father’s rights)

And just to piss you off, take a LOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG look:


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