So Very, Very Thankful…

Wow, it’s our second Thanksgiving together, and all’s I can say is…wow.

I can not for the life of me, figure out how I got so lucky/blessed/gifted with such an amazingly supportive group, so open to share wisdom, experience and yes, even heartbreak, with each other. We are MORE than just a flog (forum/blog) we’re a family of sorts–mostly minus the crazy dysfunction. Every month, a quarter of a MILLION people come to BB&W, and it’s just as much my fault as it is yours, because the kick-ass, BRILLIANT, put-it-in-a-book worthy advice is read and silently, quietly being digested by young girls, young women, mature and beyond. I built it, but you came. And for that, I’m thankful. Not many bloggers say this, but, thank you for supporting our advertisers–few as they are, they help me with the babysitting so I can carve out time to write. It helps buy the equipment and techy stuff to make this blog better. I helps pay for Maxi-Me’s tumbling classes, Clo Clo’s soccer, and The Boy’s pee wee baseball. It’s not much–really. But it’s enough to keep this site going, which I know with every cell of my body that it’s helping some girl, some woman, some man.

I built it…

but you came.

My love for you all blazes like a thousand-and-a-half suns. Some people think because this blog has grown because I have some sort of fairy voo-doo magic, but if they look really close, it’s all of us that make it good. E pluribus unum…out of many, we are one.

Can you feel it? We are at the cusp of something so great and life-changing for so many people, and what we’re doing will get up cool points in Heaven for sure.

Thank you, Kinky Curly, CLICK, and Shabby Apple for your support and generosity. Thank you for believing in our site. So glad it’s been mutually beneficial.

Thank you, all you veterans to BWE. Your support at the beginning of all this is the reason why I got here, and it’s the reason I can stay here. You are my sisters; I love you.

Now I’ll stop with all the sloppy puppy licking. Love and good gorging to all!

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