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Sophia A. Nelson: Black Women and the “F-word”

Black ladies, we have been robbed, burgled, plundered, looted, raided, pillaged and any other descriptive verb in my thesaurus I can dig up to describe how we little brown crayons have been NEVER, EVER, in ANY REAL FORM, been acknowledged collectively as, well…WOMEN. Or more specifically, feminine women.

Por ejemplo (I’m working on my Spanish)

After all, what is a feminine woman? Feminine women are soft. Black females? Well, APPARENTLY, we’re hard as nails, don’t want, don’t need ANY MAN (except if he has swagger, 1/1,000,000th of Fort Knox, Kentucky in his mouth and at least one baby mama). So, according to most folks in the U.S., we black ladies should have our own shelf at Home Depot, right next to the hammers.

Feminine women inspire chivalry in men. When was the last time you saw a man throw his coat over a puddle for a black woman? Hell, I’m happy when I can get a door opened for me on occasion.

In my talk with Sophia Angeli Nelson, author of the upcoming book, Black Woman, Redefined, said straight up: “Black women have been deprived of our femininity. We were work mules; we weren’t put on pedestals like our white female counterparts.” This notion inspired a quite the debate last week when I wrote this post and pointed out this little tidbit as it relates to feminism.

Sophia talks really frankly we me on this issue, and alludes to how we brown girls have to tackle this problem. Listen Sophia Nelson Black Femininity.

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