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Sore Losers Attack ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and Issa Rae With Racist Tweets

Is it open season on black women who kick arse, or is it just me?

First, the racists show their true colors by attacking Rue from the movie Hunger Games. Then folks started blaming black women for all manner of craziness after the first episode of ‘Scandal’ aired.

And now we hear that Issa Rae, creator and lead character of the hit web series ‘Awkward Black Girl,’ is dealing with her share of racist haters too.

In March, Awkward Black Girl won the 2012 Shorty Award for Best Web Show; the Shorty Awards are meant to “honor the best in social media and Internet content,” Issa says in an article over at xojane. In the same article, Issa recounts how some of the sore losers lost their freakin’ minds and revealed their inner racists when they found out that they had been beaten by an awkard black girl–producers, actors and cronies of the loser shows proceeded to bombard Issa with racist twitter messages.

Those sour grapes are so pungent you can almost catch a whiff of the smell coming off of your computer. I wonder if you can make wine with grapes that sour?

The worst part, but really not all the surprising, is that the losers who were hating the hardest and saying the most disgusting things hadn’t ever watched Awkward Black Girl. As Issa put its, the losers just couldn’t get over their sense of entitlement that made them feel that any show with the word “Black” in the title was not worthy of winning.

You can expect the claws and fangs of the racists to keep coming out because I expect Issa and the rest of the Awkward Black Girl crew to continue #winning, so you can also expect the racists to keep popping out of the woodwork every so often to show their true colors.

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