Soul-Man TRIVIA: How many Rain-beau Musicians did You Think Were Black Before VH1 One Was Invented??

Man…we’ve been reminiscing on the BB&W Facebook page, which inspired this post. I think about in the 1980’s, when I was a kid and listened to…GASP! records at my best friend’s house, whose dad was a jazz addict (and black), I heard all these songs at her house, I just ASSumed these guys were of the darkest-melanin persuasion. Then, when VH1 and MTV were invented, I was like WHAATTT??? White dudes? (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) In my naivete, I was like, white men can. not. possibly. sing. like. this.

Here’s my list. Feel free to add you links. Let’s make a game of it.

For STARTERS, How MANY children were conceived with this song in the background…hmmmm? No Wedding No Womb, anyone? LOL!

And the GREAT DECEIVER, Michael McDonald:

or if you like it 70’s style:

And what the Hay-ell? He’s inside-out black!

And let’s not forget my childhood crush, and even AFTER VH1 was invented, was one of my FIRST rain-beau crushes:

or how about this (just in time for Christmas)

And MAN! Don’t I wish I could have been this chick!

Okay it’s your turn. How many rain-beau singers…past and present, fooled, tricked, hoaxed, duped, hoodwinked, suckered, bluffed, gulled, swindled, defrauded, cheated, double-crossed, or bamboozled you into thinking they were soul-brothas? And…how many of you were…pleasantly surprised?

*I’m winking at you! I see you!*

***Adding this guy because I had NO idea Bobby Caldwell was black. I. AM. STRUCK. DUMB.

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