Speak On It: Do Men Really Not Care If Significant Others Aren’t Educated?

Statistics reflect that black women have the highest enrollment in American universities than any other race and gender, according to the  National Center of Education Statistics.

Since such news has been reported, the usual suspects have come along to downplay it–saying that much of the enrollment is in “junk degrees” like flower picking and navel gazing. “Yeah! You’re in school, but are you doing STEM? No?! Your degrees won’t keep you warm at night!!”

Another argument that goes beyond race is the notion that men in general don’t really care that much if a woman is educated, as if we still live in the age of Mad Men, when you can be the secretary and marry the CEO.


I once asked my husband, who comes from a highly successful and educated family, if he would have married me had I not gone to college. He said, “No; because when you’ve gone to college and finished it shows you can see a challenge through to the end. Plus, I don’t think I’d have much in common with a woman who just had a high school diploma.”

Apparently some of today’s men are seeking women who can keep the house clean and bring them a sandwich after sex. Is this true? Naturally, a man is looking for a woman who can be nurturing and make a house a home, but does that mean a degree is irrelevant? In this day and age, when families usually require a dual income?

Sound off.

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