Stuff I Like: Wen Fall Apple Spice

I know a lot of you naturalistas and relaxed heads love ya’ll some WEN products, so when the folks there sent me a stash of their seasonal formula, “Fall Apple Spice” I was all over it. I love all things fall–the apples, the spices, the pumpkins…all that orange…

The formulas consist of the cleansing conditioner, replenishing mist, and treatment oil.


The first thing I noticed was the smell…it’s heavenly, IF you like the scent of cinnamon with a touch of vanilla and clove and nutmeg and stuff. After an hour or so it won’t matter though..it will dissipate so not too much worry about smelling like hot apple filling all day in your office cubicle. Maxi Me says it smells like the Victoria’s Secret store during the holidays, and yeah, it’s kinda like that. But I’m not easily impressed by packaging and smells–if it’s going on my head on the regular, it better deliver. This does.

If you’re familiar with WEN, you know that the basic premise is that the cleansing conditioner takes the place of traditional sudsing shampoos and doubles as a conditioner, which cuts back on time but leaves the hair feeling clean, and soft while preserving the color (if you have it). In general, I like it, but not more than my Alterna Caviar products. I’d use WEN in between deep conditioning or a mid-week quick wash, like I did tonight. My hair felt clean and soft, but if your hair gets really thirsty you might want to use a little of the cleansing condition and the treatment oil as an overnight pre-poo. The treatment oil has jojoba and organic argan oil, both work great to impart moisture and assist in detangling. The oil also is great on the skin to seal in moisture after a shower.

I’m really liking the replenishing mist and am using it to moisten my hair before I re-twist it at night and it’s coming out loverly…the base liquid is aloe vera leaf juice, which is a great detangler and moisturizer.


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You can get the full line of WEN products on QVC.
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