“Swirling Catfish?” One Writer Wonders If Her Online Romance is the Real Thing

The writer titled this letter, “I Think I May Have Lost Him For Good.”

Dear Mrs. Karazin,
Hey. I just found out about your site, and I have a question i’ve been dying to ask someone. I am a black girl and i’ve met this white guy online. We started talking for a while, and it was all good. We started to develop feelings for each other. We live in different states, but we are not that far apart. He told me he loved me. I always wanted to tell him, but I waited for him to tell me first. He said he never been with a black girl, and I never been with a white guy. We aren’t dating, but we act like we are.
There was this time when he didn’t have a phone, and he would email me. He always told me that he missed me and hearing my voice. We use to talk all the time even though he has two jobs.
Then, he started talking to me every other day and now it is every two days. I tell him I miss him, but now he ignores it most of the time. I told him I loved him, and he didn’t say anything about it. When I text him first, he doesn’t reply back. He only tells me he misses me if I ask and one time he completely ignored it. When he does answers the question, it’s  mostly when he is horny. I asked him if he cared about me, and he said he does but I can talk to him first sometimes. I did. He didn’t answer back.
Sometimes I think he wouldn’t think about being with me seriously because I’m black. I also, think he would choose a white girl over me no matter what. Once I tried to ask him if it would better if I was white, but I told him I was kidding before he could answer because I got scared. He just doesn’t know that he hurts me. I don’t want to tell him I’m hurt because I don’t know how he will react. Do you think he likes me or ever liked me at all? I’m I just being silly? Should i tell him how i feel? Please help.

Here’s my take…

Catfish, anyone?


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