Swirling Gone Wrong: Janet Splits With Husband; What Can We Learn?

Sigh…it’s never a happy day when you hear about celebrity couples splitting, but I think this news might be particularly disappointing for Janet Jackson fans, who celebrated and wished her well for her “third time’s a charm” marriage to her Arab billionaire husband and father of her only child. The news comes just months after the birth of their child, and suspicions a flying about the reason for the split.

If you’ve been any fan of Janet for any amount of time, you know that she has been an iconic sex symbol and vigorous stage performer for decades. Her trademark was her looks, amazingly flat stomach, and affiliation to the First Family of Pop. Her husband was surely well aware of this fact, and it’s puzzling to see how Janet changed over the course of their brief marriage. She left the country, took a major break from public life, and wore clothing you’d never in a million years expect her to wear. He had caged the butterfly.

And therein lies the issue, folks. Sometimes swirling will go wrong, not because of the abundance or lack of melanin content, but the lack of shared values, culture, and often, religion.

Some will say that Janet made out like, well, a bandit, because the prenup allegedly gives her 100 million for every year of marriage, leaving her halfway to billionaire status too. That seems mind boggling to us plebs, but remember she was super rich to begin with, and after a certain point, it’s just…there. When you have mega millions, you have much more time contemplating your belly button lint than the average person, and I’m sure the dissolution of her marriage is a hard and sad event for her.

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