Swirling in History Oscar Night!

Since it is Oscar night and all of Los Angeles is a buzz, I could not think of a more fitting story to share. Eletha Finch was so gracious and humble accepting her late husband, Peter Finch’s Oscar. It is logical that the widow of an actor should accept any award in honor of her husband (or vice versa). But in 1977, race definitely was a factor in Eletha NOT being asked to accept the award on her husband’s behalf. Now the Academy is quite proud and can boast of this presentation, but that night all heck was breaking loose behind the scenes. It was of no importance though. Eletha spoke so eloquently and lovingly of her husband. Her short presentation was quite moving (I needed a couple of tissues). She and Peter obviously adored each other. Just beautiful!

Some of you may remember Peter Finch’s awesome performance in that scene from “Network” that won him the Oscar. This scene has influenced a bevy of imitators one being the JG Wentworth commercials: “It’s my money, and I want it now!”

Eletha Finch
Eletha and Peter Finch 2
Eletha and Peter Finch
Eletha and Peter Finch and son
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