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Just who is the beautiful bombshell that got Simon Cowell on his feet in praise?  Why it’s new diva on the scene Lillie McCloud that’s who.  On last week’s X Factor audition Lillie blew her competition away.  She has sang back up to greats like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the group Kool & The Gang, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Timmy Thomas and other artists.  Ok there is some controversy because Lillie, pursuing her dream to be a singer, toured some in Europe in the 80s.   She was living in Košice, Slovakia with her then boyfriend Günter Kronsteiner. For whatever reason, the world was not ready for Lillie or Nicole as she was known back then.  But we, Simon Cowell and the world are ready for her now.  Lillie will be a superstar regardless of where she ranks in this season’s X Factor competition if Simon Cowell has anything to do with it.  I believe he is going to make Lillie a world renowned star.

When Lillie sang Cece Winan’s Alabaster Box, I thought I was listening to Whitney, Cece and just a hint of Gladys Knight.  But it was just Lillie in all her powerful glory looking as great as she sounded.  I feel I can speak for many who want to look like Lillie McCloud when we turn 54.  She looks absolutely amazing!  Not only do I want that cat suit, I want to fit into and look like Lillie does in it.  And that fro is the business!

Looking back Lillie says she has no regrets.  She put her family first and had to pass up opportunities that cost her possible fame.  But now Lillie has a second chance to shine again and let the world know she is here to stay.  And… she’s a veteran swirler!

Fierce is all I can say about this woman.  Watch Lillie’s powerful audition and stay tuned for more from this smoking hot grandma who could rival any 2o year old out there!


Lillie, her fiancé Terrance and daughter Shannon reflect on her breezing through the audition




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