Swirling on Planet Earth Part 7: What is Intimacy?

The muse has been asleep, but Valentines Day seems appropriate for this.

I am not talking about sex, and those elements in that process of two people experiencing the physical aspects of enjoying each other as man and woman.  You know, the stuff Mother Nature has in place to allow organisms to procreate.  Could I make that any more dry and sound like a lecture from a Biology teacher that puts everyone to sleep?  Good, if you are still reading, now I get to the interesting stuff…  I am talking about intimacy, that myriad of little actions that allow you and your Boo to enjoy each other as a couple, as a unit, as ONE with whom you just kind of melt together a bit.  Most of you are getting to learn my writing style, so you know I don’t put things in any particular order as much as tossing out random order thoughts on the particular subject at hand.  I want to know some of your favorite intimate things.   Share them, please?  I will share some of mine below.

I want to start with one that is unique to those of us involved in interracial relationships.  Isn’t it wonderfully special to just look at the beautiful contrast in the skin tones when you have your hands together or look in the mirror as you hug?  Bee and I love to just put our hands together and enjoy the look and difference.  Even better really is when I like to hug her from behind and we look in the mirror as our heads are together.  There is just an intimate beauty in the look of a mixed couple.  Different, yet together.  It is so sweet.  The whole thing about our hands together is a favorite as well.  As I drive and have my non driving hand (yes, I steer with one hand) is either on my leg or the center console, Bee will almost always put her hand on mine and start caressing it.  I do that to hers all the time as well.  Such a simple action that just feels so nice between two close people that enjoy each other.
Another element of intimacy is as simple as a kiss.  Where ever we may be out together, I just can not resist often giving her a kiss on the back of the head or on her temple.  No, I am not like one of those horny teenagers that constantly make out in public that makes you want to scream “hey, go get a room”.  Just a sweet peck on the head that reaffirms how special she is to me.  She is much more reluctant to kiss me in public, and that is OK.  We certainly have our own personal comfort levels.

Another favorite is just sitting together, each of our heads leaning over touching each other.  I know that seems simple, but it is as natural as gently rubbing each other’s shoulders.  What could be more natural?  Just simple, loving touch with the intent of making the other feel good.  Besides, this is another one that you can do in public.  Unlike….. ah….. the cute little rub or pat on the buns, which needs to be done when nobody else is looking.  And yet, it is a very personal gesture.  This is a spot ONLY he or she is allowed to touch, right?  Very personal.  Others may touch you on the arm, on your shoulder, on your back. But nobody else gets to touch your buns but your Boo.

Speaking of very close, personal actions…  I will confess one of our favorites – shampooing each other’s hair.  Grooming a loved one has always been one of nature’s most loving actions.  Scalp massage has always had a very erotic effect.  The close, personal contact as one’s fingers massage the scalp in a sea of creamy lather and flow of soothing warm water…. Working over his or her hair and getting every strand, every inch….  Bodies in close contact as you feel, smell, the other.  You seem to melt into their body.  VERY sensual.  Wonderfully erotic intimacy.  If you haven’t tried it – try it.  And share your thoughts on it.

Intimacy can also manifest itself in things that you are willing to do for the other.  Somewhere on a post awhile ago the topic came up about the man being willing to hold her bag.  I shared some of my actions on this – if I lose my “man” card, oh well.  I want to share them again for those that may have not seen that one.  I am always very willing to hold Bee’s bag when she wants.  Guys, if you are with your lady, you CAN hold her bad without sacrificing any manhood.  Alone with a woman’s bag… ah…. Maybe not so much.  I also let her drape her floral scarf over my shoulders to hold it for her when we go to the movie.  Every time, she will pull it off her head and drape it over my shoulders saying, “please hold it for me”.  Not a problem.  After sitting next to me and holding my hand or having my arm around her, the movie ends and she grabs it, thanks me, puts it back on (or asks me to put it back on her).  I even go into the store with her when she needs to get some of her products that seem to be a monthly need, carry them to the register, and happily pay for them.  Although, I admit, I draw the line somewhere.  I require her to come with me.  NOT going to go to the store alone with instructions to get some of those for her.  I am not going to scan the shelf looking for her brand, type, color, and whatever other differences that there are in those things.

So my last little intimate thing that we do that I want to share is the following.  I also mentioned this one a long time ago in a post.  I have one ear pierced.  For Christmas I got us a pair of (fake) diamond (what, cubic Z isn’t the same thing?) earrings and we each wear one.  We share the pair of earrings.  It seems simple, and silly, maybe even stupid.  But it gives us each a warm, fuzzy glow that each of us as part of that pair.  Kind of makes us one.  Every time I look in the mirror and happen to see it, I think of how I am hers.  Every time I look at her ear and see hers, I think of how she is mine.  Tomorrow, on Valentines Day, I know for sure that the first thing I look at when I see her is… her ear.
Not really the first thing guys usually look at it it?
So…. Share yours….

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