Swirling Wedding Announcement!

Ah, love is a wonderful thing. Especially if it happens in South Carolina between a white man AND a black man.

People in the LGBT community have asked me why I don’t cover more homosexual relationships stories, and the truth is…because this is a…uhm… heterosexual blog. But this is LEGITIMATE SWIRLING NEWS, so I’m covering it! Plus, Eliss posted in my Facebook wall so it was practically spoon-fed to me. I’ll let you in on a secret: writers who dip their toes in journalism are notoriously lazy.

I’m thinking I don’t have that many readers that look like this, but I wish them well, and BOY! good luck with the neighbors, Mr. & Mr.

“Gregory Maurice Smith and William Leonard Hasty III were married July 26, 2011, at Town Hall in Mamaroneck, N.Y. The 9 a.m. ceremony was performed by Christina Battalia, Town Clerk, says The State, a South Carolina newspaper.

Oh look. Matching shirts!

On an aside, I’m on vacation in the deep woods of California until Monday. There’s spotty wifi in the forest, so I’m depending on you guys to keep the trolls in check. Londa Jacobs, HTML expert extraodinaire, will do his best, but I’ll leave the regulars to scare away buggers. Eugenia, Robynne, BrownEyeBeauty, Brenda 55, Alee, Dee Dee Russell, Bunny77, Toni, Jahla and ‘nem, I’m talking to ya’ll!

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

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