Tamera Mowry is Latest Victim of the Interracial “Blacklash” and Partisan Politics

I guess Tamera Mowry, you know, as a black woman and all, should just keep her ‘ho-mouth’ shut. I mean, HOW DARE she complain on Twitter about her annoyance with Joe Biden’s interruptions during yesterday’s VEEP debate?! According to the GAT-DL and crazy-ass democrats, Mrs. Mowry is a light-skinned race traitor who had the NERVE to marry an AVERAGE LOOKING white dude (because HELL! she’s light-skinned, and she could have had her pick of the brothers because she’s on the top of the black-woman food chain) who works for…gasp! choke! Fox News.

Here’s the recap:

…then here come the Blackistani militia…

Her husband quickly jumped in to defend his wife…

I just don’t know what else I can say about these folks.  What’s even more disheartening is that the bullies are both black men AND black women. The men are bitter because they resent the idea that a light-skinned, self-identified black woman rejected her pick of her black ‘kang,’ and the black women resent her because she’s bright, pretty, rich, and happily married. And what the hell is this bat guano suggesting that if black women swirl they MUST cavort ONLY with white men who model for Calvin Klein? I guess when you’re dealing with folks more shallow than a puddle in a desert, that’ the most you can expect.

I swear, black folks are some of the most openly racist people I see online, and trust me–I work here, I know. How much do you want to bet nobody at Fox News will have the nerve to call Adam Housely a ni**er lover, at least not to his face. I’m convinced that the black community is in the grip of so much pain and hurt, because how else can you explain all this bullying and constant tearing down of others? SHEESH!

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