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Monica: “I Thank God For My Husband”

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Monica L.

In light of a recent post, I wanted to share a refreshing story of Monica L.  This beautiful, scholarly sister would not let negative messages from anyone or church affect her love, happiness and future.  However Monica fully credits God for allowing her and her husband’s paths to cross.  I too feel meting my husband was a result of Divine Intervention.  Similarly, there were no negative messages from “the black church” that affected me or any decisions I made regarding who I could, should or would marry.  Right before meeting my husband, I liked a white so called Christian who was a DBR.  He really was damaged beyond repair.  That personal experience led me to believe that some so called Christians were as bad if not worse than some who are “out in the world”.  I thank God for bringing my husband into my life.  In both my and Monica’s situations, common sense ruled the day.  But I’ll just let Monica speak for herself.  Enjoy her inspirational story.

My husband and I met at a department store that we were both working at part-time twenty-seven years ago.  I was usually scheduled for the day shift and he was primarily scheduled for the evening shift.  Destiny would have it that my schedule was changed to the evening shift.  We crossed paths and he introduced himself.  He was charming, sweet, sincere and loved the Lord.  We became friends and he treated me like a queen.

He was a stark comparison to my previous relationship where the individual was controlling, manipulative and verbally abusive.  I had no interest in entering into another relationship anytime soon.  However, God had other plans.  God will always move people and obstacles from your path to give you His best!

We dated for four years and will be married 23 years this May.  We were blessed with a wonderful son, who is now 20 and a sophomore in college.  Through life’s challenges God has forever been faithful.  He has provided, protected and propelled us to our purpose and calling in life. God is our center and core to our family.  “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

After our son was older, I went back to school.  I have an AA & BS in Criminal Justice with crime scene investigation specialization, and a MA in Forensic Psychology.  I am currently pursuing my Psy. D. in Applied Clinical Psychology.  My husband has a MS in Computer Science and a MBA.  He is a senior financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company.  I love my husband and son beyond words could ever express.  I am very thankful to God for having our paths cross that random evening 27 years ago.

What a fabulous story and lovely family.  I think it is wonderful that Monica raised her handsome son and returned to school once he was older.  Monica has such confidence, a strong marriage and Faith, not to mention traffic-stopping beauty.  I wish Monica continued success and happiness!


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