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The China Syndrome: The Pool is Wide; Should We Take the Bait?

I don’t know about you, but I knew this day would come. China, after decades of the one-child rule and the devaluation of little girls who were aborted en masse has led the hens home to roost. China is perhaps the only country on Earth where the men outnumber the women. By a WHOLE 20 million, according to China Smack, an online news service that offers news to the non-Chinese.

Apparently things are getting pretty urgent. Chinese men are going to Africa (GASP!) to find wives! WIVES! The world apparently is coming to an end, because when China Smack reported on the new trend, the author declared, “In my neighborhood is a Chinese engineer who returned from Angola, and his wife is a black girl. However, she’s one of those very pretty high-end black girls. She’s very slender and not one of those fat auntie types.” (High-end? What the cuss?) “Her skin also isn’t the kind of oily/greasy black but rather black-brownish and more brown. They have two children, about five or six years old, twin boys.” As if that wasn’t enough, the comments absolutely blew my brains out of my head. Thank God for Swiffer.

Here’s what some of the Chinese people said:

Black people always make me feel like they haven’t fully washed themselves, I can’t accept/handle someone who is dark all over their body.

It’s okay if you want to marry, just don’t leave your children/descendents in China. I don’t want future Chinese people to be like those half-black half-yellow people in Latin American countries, with lowered intelligence, having lost the purity of their blood, with only a name to claim.

Here’s a tame one, and speaks to the snag in this whole Asian man/Black/African woman thing:

I don’t know if my parents would be so happy If i married a Black women.

^^This. ^^

That’s why I’m not so keen about this. And apparently what you and I just read was “tame” by Chinese standards. Geez. Hate to hear what the REAL racists say.

I don’t know. Ya’ll are gonna have to help me with this one. I just don’t see the point of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Why go through the emotional hardship of not just a whole family, but a whole GEE-DEE country against you? Not to mention how families put their image above all else, to the point that it could potentially be dangerous. Jo Gan, a black woman married to a Chinese man living in China, has witnessed this cow dung up close, and candidly discusses her experiences on her blog, Life Behind the Wall.


Jo Gan and her husband

I hate to mess up my Asian brothers’ game, but ultimately, I’m for the happiness and well-being of black women, and this just doesn’t seem like the biddness. Thoughts?

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