What the Cuss?

The GAT-DL is Going for the “Judd-gular” and the Hypocriscy of White Feminists

The world has gone mad. MAD, I TEEEELLLLL YOOOU!!!

The pile of fetid feces in the media keeps offending my nose as more crappola I see and hear makes me want to SMDH, tell people to STFU and the Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely to GTFOOH.

I’m sitting here in my easy chair with One Life to Live on for background noise (gotta do my part to preserve a national institution) and wondering how the cuss Jezebel‘s Lane Moore can leave a fellow feminist, Ashley Judd, twisting in the wind for pointing out that (c)rap music, (c)rap culture, and (c)rappy (c)rappers promote a rape culture.

Props to Kels for bringing this to my attention!

Moore said this:

While it’s unfortunate that this is the part of the book that people are focusing on, it’s even more unfortunate that I can’t think of a single example of the type of hip-hop song she may have been referring to. Oh well.

Wow, Lane, you should get out more. All’s I do is listen to talk radio and books on CD in the car and EVEN I KNOW that (c)rap music objectifies black women like no other genre in the music species. (C)rap music is the zenith of chauvinism, and you can’t think of ONE SINGLE HIP HOP SONG that Ashley Judd refers to that is less than complimentary to women? And if you snort about how no rapper usually comes out and says he wants to rape, isn’t it, like, Rape 101 in the Feminist Manifesto that men rape because they objectify their victims? Silly me. I must have not read that right.

UPDATE: In fact, I did read it right, but failed to follow the link, which basically indicated her sarcasm. On one hand, my bad. On the other hand, Jezebel, is that the best you could do? Yay! We’re worthy of a blog and link sarcasm! Thanks, sister!

*that’s me being OVERTLY sarcastic*

What’s that you say, Lane?

Ooooooooh. I get it. Since it’s black women who are objectified, NO WONDER you can’t think of a single hip hop song to serve as an example. But…I’d bet you’d notice if it were white women black men were sh*tting all over in their music, wouldn’t you, dear? You and the other Jezebels would take to the streets and burn your bras and grow your arm-pit hair all long and scraggly again. You’d call for a study, pressure advertisers and get white men to back you.

But because most of the animus in rap music is directed at The Invisible Black Woman, then I guess we can all agree that it’s just petty and racist for Ashley Judd to pick on the po’ black (c)rapper man.

Oh po’ black (c)rapper man, who has GREATLY benefited financially and culturally in his successful and concerted effort to elevate himself and marginalize his counterparts should be the ones who are protected and mollycoddled, because hey! they’re just keepin’ it real, speaking about their sociopathic lifestyles. I can understand how you white, liberal, black-man apologists got on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s email blast. Of course you support (c)rapper (f)art. It tells black people to kill each other. It tells black men to get no job and be a hustler. It tells young black girls that their worth is in the ass and their tits. I tells dark-skinned girls and women that we’re ugly and good for a f*ck, the the “redbones” are the prize. It also glorifies men spraying their seed like Miracle Gro with absolutely no compunction.

And you, Lane Moore, writer of Jezebel, can’t fathom a single, solitary hip hop song that promotes rape culture? (Turns out the pointed to a horrid one, that I couldn’t even stomach to listen to it whole)

Well, at least ONE commenter got to the nugget of the issue–black male entitlement, or BME.

Huh. Anyone ever notice that the BME acronym is the inverse of BWE? Flip a “B” upside down, it’s still a “B.” Flip an “E” upside down, it’s still an “E.” But when you flip an “M” upside down…well you get it. Coincidence, or cosmic message?

Okay, I’m taking my tinfoil hat off now.

Well, as I mentioned before my conspiracy tangent, AT LEAST ONE commenter over at Jeze had some sense. Take a read. I highlight the point-my-pinky-finger-to-my-mouth quotes.

If someone is going to seriously look me in the face and say that rap music as a genre isn’t by far the most consistent and blatant in its misogyny I’m going to laugh them out of the room.
Now the reasons for this are complex and people are absolutely right in saying that this music is only distributed at the mainstream level by record corps because they don’t care about the denigration of black women (or men). If white women were being dissed in rap music as much as black women were, the records would never get airplay or widespread release. That I understand. That I agree with. But does that mean that we should let rappers off the hook or that our job here is done insofar as critiquing the PATTERN of sexism that still exists just because Talib Kweli is one of the “good” guys and he was pissed?

The main reason that I’m invested in this issue is this, “I guess what really matters in that it must be about race and not gender because black masculinity trumps everything else.”People have conveniently forgot that black women were the first people to speak out against the misogyny in rap/hip hop waaaaay before those conversations became public and white suburban parents started to pearl clutch about black culture. Black male celebrities almost ONLY get pissed about racism in public discourse if it threatens black *masculine* culture and are either totally silent or indifferent about the ways in which black women are effected by racism, sexism in general and sexism from the men within their own racial group. (re: Spike Lee and others who have come out in support of Chris Brown)

Man (pun intended). One lone white female voice in the wilderness comes out to defend the objectification of black women (and one feminist who provides link sarcasm) and black men and men, and WHITE women and men jump all over her and Russell Simmons has to use his body as a human shield.

Very telling indeed.

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