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The Miseducation of Azriel Clary: The Gayle King Interview

Written By Saran Lawson

Do you remember when you were in your 20’s? I do and I can tell you confidently in my early 20’s, I knew nothing. I’ve always been a smart girl, but life experience wise…I knew zilch. I didn’t run around doing anything too stupid, but I covered some bases. When I got a little older, I had the sudden realization of how little I knew when I was 21. You’re probably wondering why I am talking about how dumb I was when I was a kid. Frankly, we all were to a degree. Well, I watched the full R Kelly interview with his two “girlfriends”. I saw how snippy Azriel Clary was in the midst of the interview. It led me to my playlist of opinions on why she may regret this interview in 10 years (or longer):

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number – Aaliyah

Like most of Robert Kelly’s unfortunate conquest, Azriel was young when she met the singer. She defends R Kelly by saying he thought she was 18 years old. Conveniently adding to  Robert’s alibi that her parents sold her to him. She was actually 17 years old. At 21, there is no doubt she has developed a lot since then. However, she developed under the tutelage of R Kelly. He has essentially molded her into what he wanted her to be. God willing, this ‘relationship’ will end. She will have time to develop her identity outside of the constant watch of a man 31 years her senior. When that realization comes, she is going to need to get to the nearest therapist.

What’s My Age Again – Blink 182

I bet you also didn’t know that one thing that makes King an excellent journalist is that she has a double degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Maryland. She also has the wisdom of someone who has spent years in journalism. She recently interviewed with Time Magazine. She said: “What I wanted to say — but I didn’t want to get snippy with her the way that she got snippy with me— was, “Listen, listen, little girl, you don’t even know what you’re saying right now. And one of these days you’re going to regret this moment. You’re going to regret this moment, you’re going to regret this time in your life.” But I saw no point in chastising her or, as the young children say, breaking bad with her the way she did with me. I also wanted to say, “Yes, but I am not dating R. Kelly, who is perceived to be a child predator. That’s the difference, and that’s why this is a valid question. Because you’re sitting here at the age of 21 with this guy who is older than your father.” But I decided there’s no point in doing that.”

I honestly don’t think the interview with the girlfriends added to his claim of innocence. The parents didn’t look stellar in their own interviews. Then again, they never looked without fault in all of this. Did you watch the full-length interview? What did you think of her interview with the girls? We want to hear your thoughts! Sound off in the comment section.

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