The New, NEW Black Woman

The New, NEW Black Woman: Fleace Weaver!

Ooomigosh, how could you NOT love a woman who has been instrumental in introducing so many black women to international travel? Formally named, Bella Italia, Black Girl Travel, founded by Fleace, has been instrumental in organizing the enlightenment of hundreds of black women who had absolutely no idea Italian men found them irresistible. They go to other places to, and recently made a visit down to South Africa.

Never heard of BGT? creates unique customized tours and meeting programs for groups and individuals, designed for young at heart, well-heeled urbanites interested in exploring new lands while indulging in international cuisines, retail therapy, and exciting nightlife. There are no cookie cutter itineraries–each tour is custom designed for the group and its objectives.

Fleace started Black Girl Travel for two reasons: 1) To get more black women excited about seeing the world and how life is lived outside of America 2) To prove to her friends how crazy I-TAL-I-ANS were for black women. “Italy is the Black Woman’s Brazil (without the sex),” she says. (I don’t care who they meet, as long as they stay away from MY man, Antonio. Won’t start none, won’t be none.)

BGT is not just about fun. They “travel with a purpose”. In keeping with’s goal of exposing Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women — inside and out– Fleace created “Sistahs Without Borders,” an initiative to contribute to the empowerment of the communities her travelers visit by supporting their social, conservation, and economic development programs.

Flaece makes the NNBW list because she’s encouraging black women to get a passport and using it, which is both empowering, enlightening, and emboldening.

“Black Girl Travel” sounds like a command, doesn’t it?

So…what are you waiting for?

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