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The New, NEW Black Woman: Jeneé Darden!

Reporter. Writer. Blogger. Jeneé Darden is the cocoa-colored Lois Lane.

I met Jeneé way back during the first launch of No Wedding No Womb, and I’ve admired her ever since. She’s reported for National Public Radio, Time magazine, Marketplace news radio show, Huffington Post and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance magazine. In 2005, she contributed reporting on the London transit bombings for Time magazine’s Europe edition.

What–that’s not enough?

Here’s why she’s a New, NEW Black Woman: She launched her own blog, Cocoa Fly, because she got sick of the lack of diverse content in other mainstream media. Instead of pouting and complaining, she created her own space and on her own terms. When online content changed the way journalists operated, many packed up their marbles and went home. But the NNBW knows how to adapt to change while staying true to her dreams. That’s my kinda chica. Take the bull by the balls, I always say.

Did I mention she covers black erotica on her blog? Uh hun.

I was able to catch Jenee between all her gigs, and she told me this:

“I’m working on a series about women and sexual empowerment which will be on in March. I’m relaunching the Cocoa Fly podcast in March. Currently, I do PR for a mental health advocacy nonprofit called PEERS. I host a really cool podcast called “Mental Health and Wellness Radio.” You can check for that at It’s a positive, upbeat show. Danielle Belton was one of my first guests.”

Hmmm. Sexual empowerment. Me likey. Go on, New, NEW Black Woman. Go on.

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