Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

The New, NEW Black Woman: Kola Boof!

You may love her, you may hate her. But one thing is for certain, you will not forget her. This statuesque Sudanese beauty uses both her mind and body, and snuggles comfortably in her allure and sexuality. Perhaps that’s why the earth nearly quakes when Kola is angry and lulls us like a mother when she is content. Tall, mahogany, full-breasted with a brilliant smile, she has brought many a man to his knees (as we sometimes can observe on Twitter and Facebook with buttered popcorn fingers). Don’t try to categorize her, because you will fail. She’s a force.

But those beautiful black hands do more that caress and attack. They create thoughtful prose, like her latest piece, The Sexy Part of the Bible, which was recently recognized as one of the best independent books by Hey, SMALL PRESS!

As if you haven’t figured it out already, Kola makes the list of the New, NEW Black Woman because she has maximized her beauty, brains and notoriety to her own benefit while empowering and inspiring countless black women. She embraces her culture and her blackness, she shows us it’s okay to be sexy and sensual. There is also a soft and tender side to Kola, and to be her friend is like warm sunshine through a picture window.

From Kola‘s bio:

Of equal importance, Kola Boof became a “WOMANIST”…Alice Walker’s now famous term that signifies a sensuous kind of black feminism. Along with rejecting the media labeling her a “sex slave”, Boof also rejected the term “Strong Black Woman”. She insists, “I am the LIVING WOMAN…not a strong black woman. I live my life, and there are times when I am very weak, times when I need my children’s support or the love and understanding of a man. I always need GOD, I need black women friends. So I am not comfortable with that blanket label–strong black woman. Black women have been unfairly demonized by White Supremacist Culture and we are called ‘Strong’ as a way of not including us alongside other women. The purpose is to breed blacks out of the land by disallowing the black woman being acknowledged, and I’m against that.

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