The New, NEW Black Woman: Actress, Masha Dowell!

Masha Dowell is a renaissance woman, and seriously there’s not much she’s not good at. She’s a scientist, artist, and entrepreneur. From 2000 – 2005, she conducted scientific research (Identity testing, Cancer, HPV, HBV, West Nile Virus) on the behalf of Laboratory of America, National Genetics Institute, and Pharmavite, LLC. From 2005-2010, She worked in Quality Assurance/Metrology at Baxter Healthcare, and Quality Management at Calibrate, Inc. Between the years of 2003-2005 (while still working in the sciences), Masha gained experience in the Entertainment Industry, by interning in the Television Development departments of several Hollywood production companies: Edmonds Entertainment, SimmonsLathan Media Group, and Revelations Entertainment. In 2005, she founded the now defunct, Save America First Foundation in Washington, DC.

Now this scientist-artist-entrepreneur has a new venture–a web series called “The Telecommuters,” with co-producer, Leanna Adams. “The series follows the lives of two women, a black one ( me) and a white one (Leanna Adams). Basically, in season one you will find us unlucky in love, and unfortunately, unemployed, and getting to know each other for the first time as friends instead of neighbors. You will also be able to meet the management and staff at XiaoT, a fictitious company that we vow to work for in season two. The series is named the “Telecommuters“, because through all the crap we go through — we indirectly BECOME telecommuting workers in season two,” Masha says on her blog, The Culturatist.

Take a gander:

Masha tells me that in the upcoming episodes, her character hooks up with a McSteamy Indian man, which is cool–to see this type of pairing in entertainment is about as rare and a legitimate alien abduction report.

Throw some support her way and watch (it’s funny!) and share (your friends deserve a laugh too!) because lawd knows we need more POSITIVE representations of black women swirling in entertainment.

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