The New, NEW Black Woman: Shari Neal!

Right off the bat, I love this chick for two reasons: 1) She designs soft, comfy, and fashionable t-shirts with a meaning 2) she has the most fan-ta-bul-ous natural head of hair.

Bon Bon Vie designer, Shari Neal


Meet Shari Neal, creator of Bon Bon Vie t-shirts. Her stuff has graced the backs of movers and shakers like “Awkward Black Girl,” Issa Rae, Janina Gavankar (“True Blood” and “The L Word”) Patrice Grell-Yursik (Afrobella), Nikki Walton (Curly Nikki), and model Nikia Phoenix. Shari has been able to quit her job and do Bon Bon Vie full time. What’s more, all the messages on her t-shirts are positive and empowering to black women. I was at Disneyland yesterday and saw a blond wearing a shirt that said “Hustler” on it. Classy. /sarcasm

Bon Bon Vie Spring Collection

These designs are priced right (between $18-$28), not pretentiously overpriced like some of the other t-shirts chicks are wearing these days.

A former art director, production artist, web developer, and graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Shari created Bon Bon Vie in 2010 because she was looking for a new artistic outlet and decided to turn her love of design and graphic tees into a business. She’s doing what talented and educated black women should be doing–getting up out of corporate America (that is, if they hate it as much as I do) and be enterprising.



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