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The RATCHETNESS of Some IRR Facebook Fan Pages!

Spin-off of yesterday’s post about some dudes proudly proclaiming their love of black girls through clothing apparel and Facebook profile pictures, I got an interesting message from a couple folks about their (well-earned) skepticism about some of the groups:

My girl Niki said:

Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to be a Debbie Downer.

It is definitely great to see this trend, but I’ve noticed a lot of these “I love Black women” groups on FB are just full of crass sexual talk and women posting photos with their asses and breasts hanging out. I’m tired of these groups having discussions on whether light skin or dark skin is hotter. Or if black women from Africa are better than black women from America. It’s ridiculous at times.

Then Michelle gave another point in which to crew on,

I agree @ Niki. Most people who are throwing out “I love Black women” normally mean “I would fuck a Black girl”.

I have noticed that most men that post adds directed at Black women normally have “I love Black women” in it (even though their previous wives were Whites), have a laundry list of demands on how the Black woman has to look and act, and last but not least: the ‘don’t expect anything from me’ lines. Or the “not looking for anything LTR, if everything goes good it MIGHT turn into a LTR thing”.

I agreed with both of them, and that’s why I specifically didn’t mention any fan pages like “I totally love black girls with juicy booties!!!” or “White guys who like black women make me scream while I cream!!” pages, because honestly, a lot of those places are doing a HUGE disservice to the advancement and acceptance of black women in interracial relationships in the public sphere and our general reputation that we in the BWE are trying so hard to overcome.

At these joints, you’ve got a bunch of horny white guys making all sorts of sexy innuendos and black women straight up encouraging and perpetuating hood-rat-ism at it’s lowest.

But I’m not here so much to pick on the guys, because well, guys are guys no matter what rainbeau flavor that come in, and if you throw your titties and ass in their face they’re not going to run to find and bible and some holy water.

I swear, I have not seen so many black women content to be walking, talking stereotypes and sexual objects as I have seen on “White guys who are totally into black women……and are damn proud of it!!.

Here’s some of the questions these folks throw out on a regular from the guys and gals:

–since its freaky Wednesday, i don’t see why a lot of females see giving head as a nasty thing to do…

–Mmmmmm wannna lick it? Do ya? (pic of chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirl)

–Question: What size is ideal for you ladies (in inches)?

–If someone has sex with a hooker against her will, is it rape or shoplifting?

–How do u feel about cum? Where do u want it, where wouldn’t u want it? O-o?!

Now to be fair, this page has a “hump” Wednesday, which is supposed to be the designated sex talk day. Problem is, EVERYDAY is Wednesday over there.

So, since I’m soooooo tactful, I decided to post this:

The conversation went on for hours, and I was called a “bitch” by Marc Halloway, “an opportunist and self-promoter” by Smitty, who was mainly just mad because I didn’t talk to him as much as he would have liked when we were FB friends, and a “bad writer” by someone who didn’t even know how to SPELL “writer,”with the black women jumping into the pile on.

Then my FAVORIT-EST friend Deborrah Cooper came in and dropped some knowledge:


Basically I was shouted down because I infringed on their right to act like scummy pick-up artists in the swingers bar that is this Facebook page. And what’s the most disappointing, again, is the reaction by the BLACK women who ran to the defense of these sex-obsessed man-children, and seemingly loved basking in all the sexual stereotypes about black women being hootchies because, why? they’re so hungry and needy for attention?

And I wouldn’t normally bring this up, except that the page has over 1,700 members, and when some curious potential swirler gets their first impression there, they’ll probably need a shower after. Everyone knows I’m no prude, but DAYUM! Even a girl who has not qualms telling people she uses a vibrator can tire of this vomitous rhetoric.

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