Author Spotlight

The Winner of the “Black & (A)broad” Contest is…!!!

**************************************DRUM ROLL*********************************

Elaine, YOU WIN!!! But before we tell you WHY you won, I think you should stop to do The Traditional Tribal Dance of The Victorious:

So now that you’re all loosened up, that a gander at why author, Carolyn Vines, chose you:

I chose her because she made a concrete action plan. It was very specific and measurable, which makes it more likely that she’ll follow through. What really impressed me what she wrote. I’ve found that the key to having the most positive overseas experience whether you’re there on vacation or permanently is to change your mindset. She wrote:

“I don’t want to go abroad again with the same attitude as before. I’m definitely a lot more open and friendly than I was then. I’m just going to be my charming, bubbly, and quirky self, and regardless of what happens, I’m going to enjoy my time there. “

ELAINE: send me your address and stuff via email at [email protected] and I’ll pass it along to Caroline so she can send you an autographed copy.

That is the essence of my memoir. Also, for the ladies who entered and didn’t win a book, if you direct them to my website/email address and have them leave a comment that they entered the contest, I will send them, via email, the first chapter. (You hear that…EVERYBODY WINS!)

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