Three Fun and Sexy Protective Hairstyles I’m Sporting with Clip Ins

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having giving my real hair a break and go wild with various styles using clip ins! I’ve flat twisted my hair and pinned it down, so the rows act as “anchors” for my clips and keeps the edge of the clips from scraping against my scalp.

In the following, I’m using Curl Sistas “Adeze” texture, 16 inches.

I previously purchased Chima Curl bundle, which is a looser texture, but I found it very difficult to prevent it from becoming hopelessly frizzy, and I had to wash it frequently to keep the clips from looking matted. Adeze has been much more manageable and seems to only need a lightly hydrating spritz of leave-in conditioner. It responds well to Acure Leave In Conditioner. It’s all natural and has a really nice, lemony scent.




The clip ins are designed to wear during the day, and keeping them in overnight isn’t recommended. Overall, I’m really happy with Curl Sistas. However, I notice that VERY often they are out of stock–which seems to be the case right now with the Adeze grade. I recommend having more than one source for this texture, and it looks like the site, KinkyCurlyYaki supplies a similar grade (kinky, 16 inches) for $115.00; cheaper than the same texture from CurlSistas, at $160.00.




Most people can’t tell I’m wearing clip ins, with the exception The Hubby and kids, which is a great confidence boost. I make sure that I baby my hair underneath, and wash and deep condition my hair once a week and hydrate my hair and scalp every day and tie it up with a scarf.

My flat twists from the back…


But don’t be fooled…I’m hiding a lot of length in there!


What ways to you protective style? I’m planning on doing this for at least another month as an experiment.

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