Throwaway Children

Written by Nicole J.

Is it just me, or has there been an uptick in the number of news stories that feature harm coming to black children in the last couple months? There is the ongoing case with Maleah Davis, whose remains were found in Arkansas, with her mother’s boyfriend a suspect. Jaquirion Dancer, a 2-month-old infant who was born premature, was beaten to death in his mother’s arms in a domestic violence dispute. An unnamed 13-year-old girl went to the hospital for constipation; only to find out she was pregnant by a 70-year-old male who lived in the same house. A 29-year-old police officer pursued a 15-year-old girl and abused her for six months, which he recorded in his police cruiser. He stole his girlfriend’s police issued gun and killed himself; since his suicide, his father has come out saying that the public should be ashamed for all the nasty, hurtful, accurate things they said about him (calling him a child molester, pedophile, etc.), defending his son. The deceased’s (black) baby mama (who I think is different from his girlfriend, I’m not sure) said she would “go to war” in defense of her dead baby daddy, and calling the victim a “lil hoe”. A couple months ago, there was a story of a 9 year old little girl who was murdered and her body was dumped in a duffel bag; the mother is a registered sex offender for enticing a minor female for prostitution, and once again, her live in boyfriend had a 10 year prison stint for the abuse and torture of his own son, who is now wheelchair bound.

All the people above and the people who enabled these crimes to happen deserve a special spot in hell to suffer for all eternity.

Additionally, I wrote about the black father who beat his 12-year-old daughter for having sex, and uploaded online for the world to see, as well as the infant that met his untimely death when the woman who birthed him dropped him on the ground to fight.

Those are all the stories I recall in the last couple months. I would link to them, but after a while I start to feel really ill reading them so if you’re interested have a Google (plus I can’t find a couple). There are others but you’ll have to research those on your own time.

Why am I talking about these horrible crimes against precious little girls and boys, most of whom are black? Because black women keep having these throwaway children and allowing this shit to happen.


Well white/Asian/Latino men abuse their children too!

I am really friggin’ tired of this counter argument. Yes, there are horrible perverts in all races, and they all should meet a cruel end worthy of the depravity they meted out. But how do these other race men factor in to crimes that black men are committing? Is it some weird jealousy that DaQuan isn’t getting away with crimes like Chad does? Is it a goal to get away with crimes like they do?


Where are the fathers?

Look, we all know chances are that if you have a kid by a black man, 1) the likelihood of being married to him is low and 2) eventually, he will leave. So we can remove the fathers from the equation because if they weren’t loyal enough to marry to the mother of their children in the first place, you can bet they won’t suddenly develop loyalty to the children that are suddenly cutting into his snack money. Or, if they are a live in boyfriend and have no biological ties to the children, that just makes those children easier victims. Mothers are the ones who will be responsible for the children when they get here, so this culpability falls on them. Not to mention, a lot of times these mothers are in on the abuse and enable these atrocities to happen, or turn a blind eye to it.

Black women are having children with no concern for how they will fare in life. Far too frequently, black mothers bring children into this world with no plans for them beyond getting discharged from the hospital. They have saddled them with a name that will make it easy to get discriminated against in the workforce, they coddle the boys and strip them of any accountability, and act all surprised when they grow up to be weak, ineffectual men. They “raise” the girls, if you can call it that, teaching her important lessons like “I ain’t dealing with your nappy ass so you’re getting a relaxer at all of 8 years old”, “you best not come home pregnant” and “Don’t go near funny Uncle Joe”. With all those hindrances, they are made to compete with other race kids and their wealthy parents who use money and nepotism to get ahead…and then blame the system for everything, when the a good chunk of blame is her own.

Even if a child is fortunate enough to not fall prey to an abuser, far too frequently black children are left to flounder in arenas where other children flourish because their parents simply failed them. They do not reach their full potential because they were brought into the world and thrown to the wolves to figure it out for themselves.

What’s the point of believing that “every baby is a blessing”, when that blessing falls victim to severe trauma that will impact them for life, assuming they even make it to adulthood at all? What’s the point if those blessings that do survive their trauma inflict more trauma down the line because “it happened to me and I turned out fine”?

As Kendall St. Charles has said, too many black women breed for volume rather than pedigree. Why pour your limited resources and make the best out of a bad situation for one child you weren’t ready for, when you can instead try and try again until you have half a sports team worth of children you can’t support! Mistakes happen, birth control fails, people change. If you have one whoopsie baby, take measures to prevent having any more until you are in a stable situation.

Just because you can have a baby or 6, does not mean you should. Just like the Republicans in those Gilead states, it seems black women are more in love with pregnancy and birth, rather than the decades of involvement that come after it. Black women keep having babies and are ill prepared for them, and rely on their family, friends, and predatory partners for free babysitting, and turn around and pull this face when shit goes left:

Since motherhood is the single greatest indicator of poverty, avoid that extra stress and guard your uterus like your life depended on it. Do as much as you can to ensure success for your bloodline. If every baby truly is a blessing, then attitudes to motherhood need to change to reflect that.

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