Time for Black Women to Fight Back Against Online Bullying!

young casual black man wearing blue tshirt on white background

For any of you online for any amount of time and happen to fall into the rancid rabbit hole of black women hate videos from the He-Man Black Woman Haters Crew know how disgusting, vile, abusive and soul killing they are. You, as an actualized woman may be inured to such hateful rhetoric, but remember–young black girls live on You Tube, and are bound to discover this poison, and might not easily be able to dismiss it as the ravings of hateful maniacs.

Up until now, many of us have felt helpless on how to fight against it. That’s why I invited attorney David Michail, who specializes in cyber law on my live hangout show. Everyone should take a listen, and share it with others. There is something we can do, but it will take motivation and organization.

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