Time To Really Get Honest About Our Weight. #PinkPill

I remember back in 2010, I wrote my first post about black women, their weight, and their dating options. I didn’t hold back–I was brutally honest about how weight has a direct and measurable affect on your love life. And boy, was it met with massive vitriol. Black women were furious. They told me it’s all about “confidence” and if any man doesn’t want to date a large woman he’s just shallow and superficial.

Ironically, I would often ask these same women what types of men THEY liked, and shockingly, all of them replied they admired slim, fit, and athletic types. I was shocked that they couldn’t see the hypocrisy in that line of thinking.

The fierce anger and backlash of my frankness caused me to retreat on the issue, and years passed as I saw the evidence of what I said come to pass. Amidst all the talk of “body positivity,” men have been trained to stay silent on the issue. But don’t mistake that silence for agreement. Everyday, men SHOW US the body types they prefer by who we see them partnered with. They’re keeping quiet, but who they are choosing speaks volumes.

And now it’s time for some more brutal honesty about how weight affects our dating and mating options. It’s time to talk about WHY this is such an major issue for men when they contemplate their relationship options.

But I know better this time around. I’m having this discussion with black women who are READY to be honest about take the “pink pill” and employ the techniques, tactics, maneuvers and practices other women have successfully been utilizing for years…right in plain sight.

If you’re ever wondered if there’s some secret club of like-minded women of various cultures that work secretly to secure the BEST caliber of men at the highest levels of society, there are. If you’ve ever thought there was some secret language or passcode that allowed you access to a world you could never fathom, there is. But if you want to see what the world can really be like for you, it’s time to take the pink pill. And like Neo, you’ll have the choice to go on in your mundane illusion, or have your eyes opened to see what lies ahead.

We’re going to talk weight, heavily. It’s not going to be talk that will spare your feelings. But it will be life changing…only if you’re ready to swallow the pink pill.

In the meantime, I want you to contemplate this informal poll I did in our secret singles group. All the men in there are quality men, gainfully employed, ready for relationships. When I posed the question about how important it was that a potential romantic partner be fit, the vast majority said either “very” important or “somewhat” important. Only one…ONE man said it wasn’t a factor.

Do you really like those odds?

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