Guests of the Inner Sanctum

Tommy Valentino: White Guy Does ‘Whites Only’

Made you look!

After a one-hour marathon on The Bev Smith Show last night, my brain is mush. I need what few cells I have left to rake through the book contract BIG-TIME PUBLISHER sent me and Janice today for Swirling. Then there’s sleep. Getting some would be nice. zzzzzzzzz….

Okay; I was just resting my eyes.

But don’t say I’m not committed to you ladies, because I hustled Tommy Valentino back in here to give “yous girls” a lesson on white wines. Remember my Culture 101 lecture? Have a drink, expand your mind, have a drink, expand your dating pool, then stop drinking before someone posts you swinging from a chandalier on You Tube, okay? Keep it classy. Keep. It. Classy.

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