Tracy and Adiaya – Chasing Dreams Together

Everyone, meet Tracy and Adiaya. Tracy reached out to us because he wanted to share his story.


Tracy and Adiaya

Tracy and Adiaya

I was born Vallejo, CA, and am 40 years old. Adiaya’s 37 and from Atwater, CA. I saw her profile on InterracialDatingCentral.com and decided to make the first move – I asked if we could talk.

We chatted a bit, then met for dinner so we could get to know each other. I texted her a copy of my license so she could give to her mom because I wanted her to feel safe and comfortable.

I was drawn to Adiaya because of how beautiful she is, her goals in life, how much she cares for people, and how easy she is to talk to. We both want to travel, get a house, try new things, start a family and live life to the fullest.  

We’d been dating for 6 months when, on December 27, 2014 (my grandparents’ wedding anniversary), I asked her if she would marry me. She said yes!

She said yes! (The ring includes both of our birthstones.)

She said yes! (The ring includes both her and my birthstones.)

Her mom, sister and nephew, as well as everyone in my family are happy for us.

I’ve always liked and dated only African American women. I just think they are way more beautiful! But nothing serious came out of that until I met Adiaya. I’m the first man of another race she’s ever dated but she and her family never treated me any different.  

I always thought race is just a color nothing else. I grew up in the ghetto and have always been treated better by other races.

It’s the 2000s now. Why care what anyone says because you are dating a different race? Just think, there’s really no pure race anymore and it’s a great thing. I want to say thanks for all the people in the past, loving whoever you wanted, even if it’s a different race or same sex. It’s just a lot better than hating.

I think the advice you give is good and really wanted to say thanks for all the support.


Congratulations Tracy and Adiaya! We wish you all the best as you chase your dreams together!

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