Who Is Tracy Renee Jones? B*tch, Snitch or Get Hitch’d….What Brings You Here….

tracy renee coverBy a show of hands, please, what brings you here?

Because inquiring minds want to know.

After meeting the lovely ladies of BBW and hearing first hand some of the things that you are interested in I’m feeling like I’m back on Earth.

And I’m so glad to be here……..

One of the initial things that drew me to the BBW community, beyond just the opportunity to write articles, was the supportive and familiar tone of the conversations that go on in the comments section of this blog.

Everybody knows the meat is in the comment section, and here I’ve seen confusion, micro aggression, and straight up hating ass avatars.

Are you lost? How May I Help You?

It’s a very simple sentence but not one people use so very often unless they’re being paid minimum wage, and that’s a pity.

My mother teased me as a child, she thought my ‘goodie two shoes’ attitude was annoying. Apparently looking on the brighter side isn’t a welcome trait to some people. Since then, I’ve come to learn that certain people find comfort in their darkness and when you come along shining a bright light, it disturbs them and they lash out at that light.

I call it, “rolling in the deep”, some people have mastered it and don’t want to be disturbed and so I leave them to it.

Luckily, my optimistic and bubbly personality remained, and my curiosity of people and willingness to be helpful and promote happiness in others is something I carry with me to this day. There is no value in the act of helpfulness and support, and it’s unfortunate because I believe that a good word, a hug, or a compliment can go a long way.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice, and helpful and genuinely wanting to see others do well and be happy. I do realize this energy is rare, and I do realize that it is valuable and often misunderstood.

Is there something that I can do for you..?

I was initially motivated to write for this audience because I can see the huge disconnect between where some of you are and where you are hoping other woman of color can one day reach, and that’s a noble cause. What I didn’t initially see was a voice among you that was ‘of the people’ and not thinned by the distance between your world and those beneath you, on their hopeful come up.

I’ve been them.

I’ve been you, and I’ve been several other variations of human that I’m sure are beyond the scope of this conversation. Nevertheless, I don’t open my mouth to contribute unless I think my contributing is of some value, and I believe that I can help.

I’m finally convinced that some people are only seeking to b*tch, they need a place to vent and found their way here, and that’s cool. Some people are here lurking and looking and reporting back to the troops, and that’s okay too. Because these people are still conduits of the information that appears here and this is good.

Now there are some of you who are here to learn, to find out and to make some changes to yourself or others. I get that, and you are the people that make me excited.

And there it is……..

You guys have questions about so many things. I want to help you with finding the answers that you seek. Why would I help you? Because I can, and because I want to, simple as that.

But what do I know? Well, I have valuable information to share about a number of things.

Job Change? New to becoming ‘the boss’, I’ve been there, and survived. You will too.

Motherhood. Relocating. Packing a house. Decorating….? Gardening……….?

Do you have questions about kids, about the man in your life, sex or about yourself?

Sometimes there is no trusted ear to listen and so we employ the help of strangers. I won’t always be a strange, but I will remain strange, I promise you that.

I’m trustworthy, discreet and hold a person’s privacy in highest regard. It comes with being a Courtesan…

My hair!? Hair products…. Well, I can’t disclose my secrets just yet. But I what I will do is supply each of my guests with a sample of my hair and body products. Oh, you didn’t know I made hair and body products….

Yup, I do. And you’ll save a huge amount of money and time if you follow my hair care routine. How do you find out about that? Easy, parents or the possessors of the curse of the coil should sign up for a Biracial Hair Boot Camp, and I’ll explain how to tame your hair, or turn it loose. Either way, I’ll save you money, time and hassle and help you get hair that is natural, touchable and sensuous.

If you are currently wearing your hair in braids, or weaves or are looking to go natural I can help you with that. I’m not sure which of my friends decided to go for the natural first, but I can surely show you how and introduce you to them if you want to hear from someone who understands. Sign up for my Weave Me Alone Workshop and I’ll show you how to care for your hair, style and manage your new crowning glory. Even better, I’ll show you how to save time, energy and money, as always. Gather a group of friends at your place or mine and we’ll spend the time doing ‘girl stuff’ like hair (and nails).

I also make handmade soy candles from recycled material and vegan ingredients. My best friend will be angry that I have went public with this, since she’s been helping me dispose of my boo-boos and practice candles. I asked how her husband enjoyed the candles, since they are to be melted, and poured as massaging oil for a romantic interlude (PS: they’re a swirl couple..I’m talking to you @deemakesjewelry) and she blinked at me and responded, ‘What husband?’, so as you can see, I think she really, really likes my soy candles. The soy butter that I use is so smooth she also uses it as a lip balm, and hand cream in the winter.

I’m also a visual artist. I work with nearly any medium you can think of, including ice, clay, charcoal, photography, pencil, paint, markers, dirt, and digital.

“I’m an artist…and sensitive about my *ish’…….”

I’m shy about much of my work, but because I’ve made the decision to allow people the chance to get to know me, I’ve been doing much more work of my own and promoting my own projects as aggressively as I do for my clients and friends.

I never intended to stay behind the computer, but it is more comfortable for people like me (more on that later) however, I don’t just tell you guys to do what is uncomfortable. I follow my own advice, though it’s a bit scary and unfamiliar to go out and meet people, it’s also exciting and worth the nervous butterflies I feel beforehand.

I’ve never regretted reaching out to life when it presents opportunities even if I don’t quite know what the outcome will be. I walk by faith, and not by sight….can I help do the same?

For instance, last Friday evening I attended my very first art show of which my own work appeared. I’m proud to inform you all that my very first submission to an art auction was purchased by Mr. Daniel Kitchen, the curator of the Leslie & Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art here in New York City.

I’m not an artist by education, rather it’s something I’ve always done naturally.

Art has helped me cope with things like depression, bi polar disorder and has improved the quality of my life tremendously. Would you like to learn how to utilize art into your life?

I’ll host group art therapy sessions in your home or during a social gathering for anyone who is interested. I’d love to share with you some of things that have helped me move past great trauma.

One can rebuild themselves if they try, I’ll show you how, and tell you exactly what I bounced back from and you that can too.

Let Me Cater to You! 

I love to entertain and have family and friends over. I’ll show you how to throw an amazing party for adults or children, and for any occasion. I cook, often and feed whomever is hungry. I’ll spend time in your home and in your kitchen teaching you how to eat healthy, with simple, low cost meals that you can prepare in less time than it takes to go out. I’ll teach you how to cook and entertain.

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or forget feeding other people and learn how to pamper your own palate.

As a model and entertainer for over 20 years, I can help make stilettos your new best friend, and I can help with makeup, poise, the art of engaging conversation, body language, mannerism, and pulling together a look that gets you the impact that you seek. I’ve been styling others since I was a teenager, both men and woman, I don’t discriminate.

My life on the darker side of things is no secret, instead of fearing or hating the whores of the world, I invite you to stop complaining and learn a thing or two from a woman that entices for a living. Sex appeal is nurtured, discovered and embraced, by certain women, it’s up to you to decide if you are or are not one them.

I host private parties, and provide entertainment to get the boys and girls interacting. Anyone with a large venue, house and a bunch of single friends may consider hiring me to manage the mixing at the next mixer. I throw a Hell of party, my first at age 18 1/2, who knew word of mouth would have half of the city on my one way street.

*Everybody in the club gettin tipsy………..

For those of you who wanted to know about my clothes, how colors can add to your personal style, and how to shop on a penny, I’m happy to announce:

NYC!! Let’s Shop Till We Drop

What’s that you say……?

You wish you had someone to help you pick out clothes and discovery your own personal style!

You want to know how to

Did I hear you clearly?

New York City, let’s go shopping this Sunday (and maybe every other Sunday thereafter…?)

New Jersey, my home state…

Let’s hit the diner up and have a Q & A session.

What town should I visit and why?

Ask me anything.

Find out info.

Space is limited but no worries, this is only the first event, there will be plenty more to follow. I’m in the process of scheduling events in other towns, so if you have a spare corner of the living room floor, or a cot, I don’t take up much space. Invite me over!!

Check my Facebook page to keep up with new activities or follow me on Twitter to find out where I’ll be. Or you can always hear about it after the fact, I’m trying to tell you I’m the bee’s knees. You can stare all you want via Instagram while you’re at it.

I already have the attention of some bug eyed Coon, so what’s the harm in going more public. By remaining quite I give bottom feeder people who would wish me harm the reaction that they deserve, when I allow my personality and character to speak for itself, I needn’t say a word in my own defense.

Find out all about me for yourself.

So let me ask you, are you here to Bitch, Snitch, or Get Hitch’d (hint, hint…. Dating and relationship coaching now available. Interested in knowing more? Email me at [email protected] to find out details or to book me for a consultation in the NYC/NJ area.

I’ve worked with small and large groups, and done one on one coaching with some very established and powerful people. I have a wealth of knowledge and life experience and it’s all up for grabs if you’ll have me.

I hope you all are ready to turn things up a notch, because I sure am!!



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