Ukraine Swirl on the Big Screen!

I am a certified Swirl Hunter and can find black women swirlers or swirl-related news in the outer most regions of the Earth.  Imagine my surprise when I came across this movie with an African woman interracial theme!  I was beyond thrilled reading about Feathered Dreams and the trailer did not disappoint.  I love movies as much as the next person, but I have found other things to do with my time quite honestly these days.  However, this movie I am putting on my “MUST SEE” list.  Maybe that is because the last movie I saw was 9 months ago when I was braving the frigid, nose hair freezing North Pole, Alaska 51 degrees below zero days.  After that experience, nobody should be asking why movies are low priority for or anyone in my family.  But I digress.

Feathered Dreams is the first Ukrainian feature length film distributed internationally.  Highlight Pictures presents this movie recorded in English, and it is a joint Ukrainian/Nigerian venture.  Feathered Dreams is about the beautiful Sade – a young Nigerian Medical school student who actually dreams of becoming a professional singer.

Talk about obstacles to overcome, Sade has her share of them.  Her father dies and she goes to medical school to satisfy her mother, but at what cost?  Compounded by her life experiences she finds a way to her dream.  Sade overcomes hurt and pain with her talent, persistence and the undying love of her kind hearted and good natured Ukrainian boyfriend Denis. There is suspense, intrigue and an awesome love story.

Interpreting Sade is the lovely, award winning Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli.  Denis’ character is being played by Andrey (Andrew) Rozhen.  Andrew is doubling his duties in Feathered Dreams as he is also the award winning director for the film.  They both have a wonderful on screen chemistry and they are destined to have a retinue of inspired black women all over the globe.

*Serendipity* — Guess who is singing the title song “My Everything”???? Why it’s Gaitana of course.  This ultra-talented Afro-Ukrainian (Congolese) songstress was the natural and logical choice.  Gaitana is looking hot on the video I might add.

Gaitana: “My Everything

For more detailed information on the movie, cast and other resources, Check out the Feathered Dreams movie website.   Don’t forget to please go the Feathered Dreams Facebook Fan Page and “like” it. 

I’ll see ya at the movies!

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