On Vetting: How Men Run Game By Telling the Truth!

So why do they do this? Basically to have guilt-free sex, says my buddy, Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The Art of Charm. “Men make up their minds pretty quickly about what kind of relationship he wants in a girl. Guys do it subconsciously. We say, this girl is kind of hot and kinda slutty, but I’m not thinking that she’s the kind of girl I ultimately deserve.”


Common phrases “truth-telling-gamers” use…

I’m not looking for a relationship, but if I were, she’s be someone like you. (Special emphasis on “like”)

You’re so sweet. I’m such a jerk about not being ready for all this love!

Why are you wasting your time being so amazing to me, when you could be out there getting any guy you want?

No matter how sweetly he says it, it all translates to one thing: HE’S NOT INTO YOU.

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