What the Cuss?

Video: Okay I’ve Had Enough! Black Parents, You’re Not Superior for Beating the Snot Out of Your Kids!

This is the second video I’ve seen this week displaying a black mother displaying UTTER CONTEMPT for her daughter. Watch if you dare.


I am so sick and tired of the black community bragging about how they beat their kids while white parents just “talk” to theirs. But I have to ask, HOW IS THIS WORKING FOR YOU??

Are we raising decent law-abiding citizens as a result of beating our kids like slaves? (Blacks have the highest incarceration rates)

Is our “concern” over whether our daughters are having sex and publicly flogging them keeping them from getting pregnant? Nope. We have an out-of-wedlock rate upwards of 80%.

Is beating our children to the shock and horror of America as we gleefully upload them to World Star Hip Hop decreasing our double digit unemployment rates? Oh…that’s a big, fat NO too.

So then WHY do we continue to cling to notions about beating the shit out of our kids as if it is something noble? IT. IS. NOT. WORKING.

Honestly, I think much of this abuse is coming from ill-prepared, stressed out parents with limited options thinking having a baby was cute and some sort of rite of passage. Now when reality sets in and they don’t have the first clue on how to raise a decent human being, they revert to the old slave master fallback–beat your kid black and blue.

Don’t get me wrong. As a parent of four, I have spanked my children. But it was never the first and only resort, and that stopped after my child reached age 8. After that, spanking is useless. It’s done more for the stress outlet for the parents than it is for disciplining the child. Just admit it, parents who punch their kids in the face. You were having a bad day and you wanted to take it out on a person weaker than you and powerless to retaliate. Let’s just call a spade a spade.


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