Gender Conflict

Video: White Guy Expresses Why He’s Expanding His Dating Pool

Take a listen. And then let me ask you…how is what he’s saying different from black women who say they are expanding their options because of…

  • The lack of equally marriageable stock of black men
  • The desire to avoid being another statistic in the 73%+ out-of-wedlock rate
  • The unchecked misogyny and disrespect of black women
  • The fact that 25% of black men are doing it anyway

Honestly, it looks like black women and white men are getting pretty fed up with certain segments of their racial groups, and some of them have damn good reasons. We often mock at the perceived offenses white feminists have and their silly causes–slut walking, free bleeding, walking around topless.

Now–I’m not saying I’m co-signing this guy, because I honestly just learned about him when (I guess) he posted this video on our fan page.

But the essence of his argument–going where you are appreciated–isn’t much different than what we say. Yes; I know for many it’s always been a preference, but for many, many, many people it is an EVOLVED preference.

“You have to show them that you have alternatives, and that’s how you keep them in check.” Sound familiar?

My issue with what he’s saying that is most problematic is that I believe white women are still this man’s first choice, and if he could find one that fits his checklist he’s drop LaKeisha. Not cool, bro.

He does say at the end, “I just want someone I can love.”

Don’t we all.

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