[Video] You Won’t Believe the Choices the New “Bachelorette” Will Have

We are cautiously optimistic about the first black “Bachelorette,” because many of us were worried that the producers would stick her with “own kind.” I’m skeptical about how they will frame Rachel’s personality. Is all the creative editing going to make her look like a plum donkey, a walking talking sassy sapphire cartoon of a black woman. Because let’s be honest. Nothing on reality shows are actually real.

It looks like Rachel will have a pretty impressive and diverse male line up–both attractive and accomplished.

We it looks like we’ll have to tune in with half our faces covered and hope for the best. I think a good way to justify my attention to the show is if I can turn this as an opportunity for a weekly recap and potential lesson for our “Dating Darwinism” series. Speaking of, we started a closed Facebook group of the same name to exchange a “girls only” group to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences related to modern dating. Click here to apply.

What are your thoughts on what might happen this season?

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