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Want To Know What Black Men REALLY Think Of Black Womanhood? Ask Kanye!

So many people were following the recent post about Amber Rose and the Kardashians that we were gifted some great (and not so great) feedback.

Many members were puzzled about why we would even mention Amber Rose’s throw-down with Kardashian-Jenner-West family.

Kim Kardashian isn’t black and many consider Amber Rose to be white, right?


Except that no, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are indeed “black”.


They are black because they are everything that a LARGE and VOCAL segment of black men value. To the point that Oprah Winfrey herself put Amber Rose on “Light Girls”.

Kim Kardashian is black because you have magazines darkening her skin (like we don’t see what they’re doing) and using her (fake) naked behind to “update” nude shoots previously a dark-skinned black women.

Both Kim K and Amber Nicole are highly coveted by black men for NOT being black women, while having features typically associated with black women.

I’m talking about that bass (no treble).

They also have lighter, whiter skin.

This gives Kim K. and Amber Rose “honorary black woman status”.


When Honorary Black Womanhood Goes Wrong…

Yes, Kim K. and Amber Rose both belong to the “honorary black woman” club, but one of these women just learned that her membership doesn’t get her access to the VIP area.

Amber Rose was good enough for a come-up, but once Kanye West got his hooks into the coveted (by color-struck black men) Kardashian clan…well, she was suddenly T-R-A-S-H.

Now make no mistake: Amber Rose wasn’t merely trash because she was stripping at fifteen or otherwise sexually promiscuous.

We know that when Kim K. was 14, she was being passed condoms by her mother, Kris Jenner. Any illusions about her virginal nature would be suitably shattered by this revelation during an interview with Oprah.

Of course, we also have that sex tape (which served as the foundation for her multi-million empire), and a string of failed relationships. Including the one where she dumped a man after 72 days of marriage to get with the guy she was cheating on him with all along.


So then, why would Kanye need to take 30 showers after Amber Rose to get with Kim Kardashian?


Answer: Because “honorary black women” of color will always be dirty by association to many black men for “being” BLACK women. Whereas white honorary black women are “pure” by virtue of their actual whiteness.

Amber Rose is of part Creole descent, and a good portion of them are considered black.

Kanye Let It Slip: Many Black Men LOATHE Black Womanhood…

I know that we are going to get BM trolls flying in here to tell me I’m wrong or crazy. Let me stop you at the gate by asking this:

What makes Kim Kardashian more clean than Amber Rose?

We all know both women are sexually promiscuous and are popular with a large segment of black men. Both women have a checkered past.

Kim Kardashian was dropping her scented handkerchief in Kanye’s path while still legally married to another man she SWORE she loved just a few short weeks before the divorce. How is that virtuous behavior? How is that not worthy of 30 showers?

Amber Rose is closer to being an “authentic” black woman than Kim Kardashian in the eyes of many black people. Although both have this honorary black woman card, Amber Rose double-downed on her status to the point of being considered a light-skinned black woman. As anyone can tell you a light-skinned black woman is a prize to many color-struck black men…until you put her next to a whiter woman. Then her blackness becomes a strike against her that makes any “sin” unforgiveable and justification for any denigration or disrespect.

What Khloe Kardashian made clear when she came at Amber Rose was this: She and the rest of her sisters are proud of their ability to replace and be considered superior to black women. Even other pseudo-black women!

They know that no matter how questionably they behave as a family, there will always be an army of wealthy black men from who they can choose, because these men are more fixated on their alleged status and white skin than anything remotely resembling class or character.

Their whiteness will ALWAYS trump black womanhood with black men. This is why they don’t “worry” about black women like Amber Rose…even though Amber Rose is more “honorary” black than genuinely black.

Where Does This Leave Unambiguous, Dark-Skinned Black Women?

Many people fooled themselves into thinking Kanye West’s ugly comment about his ex had no implications for black women.

Since color-struck black men are typically on the same page when it comes to black women, let me break down exactly WHY this comment was a landmark statement.

Kanye West pretty much let it out of the bag that black men consider black women dirty and unworthy by virtue of being black women.

These men “celebrated” black womanhood in the form of light-skinned women of color or racially ambiguous women. Now they’ve gotten bold, to the point where they are making it clear that ANY trace of blackness in a woman makes her dirty.

Black men want blackness ALL to themselves, and black womanhood and the unique beauty of the black woman is being pushed to non-black women altogether.  Black men are so hell bent on competing WITH black women, they’re trying to erase us and shame us from existence.

Kim K. represents the next stage of honorary black womanhood: Where black women are openly replaced by non-black women, with nothing connecting these non-black women to unambigous black women but the adoration of black men.

And since many black women love black men more than themselves, they’ll continue to accept these non-black women on THEIR pedestal, wearing THEIR crown. All while choosing to believe black men when they tell them these women are “black too”. Meanwhile these lost women continue to hate themselves for having dark skin and kinky hair because black men will continue to vocally exercise intra-racial hatred and misogyny against them.

You’ve got confused black women working over time to look like Kim Kardashian, while not even realizing all the surgery Kim K. required to look like black women.

Let me show you the image again.

Yep, that’s where black womanhood is headed if these color-struck black men have their way.


How Do We Fight Back Against This Nonsense?

Black women must un-apologetically wrestle the narrative of black womanhood away from black men. These men are running to give our womanhood and beauty away to any woman that isn’t black, but you still want to believe these men are fighting for us?

Black men are typically radio silent in these parts until they get called out for foolishness. I refuse to consider behavior repetitive to such a laughable degree to be a mere coincidence.

We can talk ALL DAY LONG about the abuse and damage suffered by black women and these persons will say nothing. But either mention that we’ve no interest in black men OR that black men are responsible for many of the violence black women experience and here they come.

Because it’s all about SELF INTEREST in black manhood at the expense of black womanhood. They sold their “sistas” down the river and don’t want to own it.


Do not give them room to talk. Continuously hold them accountable and demand they hold each other accountable.

Hold black men accountable for black woman victimhood rather than make excuses. White men are not the ones killing you ladies off by the thousands each year.


Black women, and I know this is going to upset some of you, but please hear it: Love yourselves enough to close your legs to men that hate you.

I’m not talking about mistakes made yesterday. Everyday is a new day. Today and tomorrow and forever, these men should be shut out of your life. If their actions tell you they don’t value you, they hate you, and they are using you…trust and believe it. And show them the door.

Do not have children by color-struck black men. Do not feed the cycle by coveting and worshiping your black sons to the point where they are out of touch with reality and do not burden your black daughters with the expectation that they are only on this planet to service black men. Do not make them feel as if they are worthless unless black men love them, especially when you know in your heart of hearts that black men today BOLDLY loathe black women.

Do not allow your little girls to be exposed to black male actors, musicians/rappers and athletes and any other prominent black men who make it their business to degenerate and objectify black women while parading around light-skinned non black women and calling them “black queens”….all while holding their hands out, expecting financial and emotional support from black women.


Do not think that you allowing black men to denigrate and use you will have no affect on your daughters; trust and believe that they will go up and repeat the example you have shown them.


Ultimately, black women win by opening up their options to ALL MEN who celebrate and value them as black women. Never apologize for allowing men to adore your dark-skin and kinky hair. Never think you are being “fetishized” when non-black men adore everything about you that you are told to bleach and weave away in the black community.

Never let ANYONE of ANY RACE try to convince you that your black womanhood is a dirty unfortunate thing and that you need their approval to be worthy.

Black women, black men are a lost cause when it comes to our womanhood and beauty.


If lighter black women and “honorary black women” are no longer worthy of the black woman crown, what are you waiting for? MOVE ON!


Let the pseudo-black women and non-black women battle for these DBR black men. You keep it moving towards the nearest exit…

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