Watch a Bunch of Black Women Cheering as Their Pastor Shouts, “These H*es Ain’t Loyal.”

My inbox has been peppered with messages about a sermon rendered by Pastor Jamal Bryant called “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare.” (yes, they wrote enemies, not enemy’s)  Now before I go on, take a look at the clip.

I contend that Pastor Jamal is not his enemy’s worst nightmare. I think he’s playing right into their hands. I might even go on to say that it’s men like this so-called pastor that have been nothing but a nightmare for young black girls and women.

In fairness, I did listen to the whole sermon, and while there were some salient platitudes to get rounds of “amens” from the sheeple–“The enemy is after black women’s imagination and dreams! Girls with dreams become women with vision!” And of course he peppers his claims that black men are under constant attack with self-serving statistics and alludes that the #BringBackOurGirls campaign to release the kidnapped, raped and forcefully married CHILDREN in Nigeria isn’t as important as 54 black men who were killed last week by not “the enemy” but by other black men. He further puts more responsibility and burden upon black women to “uplift” black men by saying, “An anointed woman of God dreams for her man.” What utter bat guano. It’s not a black woman’s responsibility to raise and groom grown ass men.

Overall, the comment, “These hoes aint’ loyal!” is probably referring to side chicks black men cheat on their baby mammas with, because we all know hardly anyone is getting married in the black community. But WAIT! I have to point out a little irony here. The pastor is divorced, initiated by his wife because of his alleged infidelity. So when he says, “These hoes ain’t loyal,” is he also talking about himself? Just a question…

Overall, the sermon is a bunch of dysfunctional ranting and pandering to  who’s paying for his expensive suits…black women. Anyone looking at the audience can see that clearly.

If you can stomach it, here’s the entire sermon.

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