Wear It Well Wednesday: Animal Prints and You…..

Now that we’ve got the hang of wearing clothing made to get you seen I think it’s high time to push the envelope a little bit. What’s more eye catching and demanding than animal print? Most women aren’t built with the confidence it takes to wear such bold patterns but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to fake it until you make it.

Pick your poison ladies. Or rather, embrace your inner snake, leopard, or are you a zebra deep down inside? Animal print represent risk takers; those who embrace adventure and mystery.

Too much of anything is a recipe for disaster when it comes to fashion so when wearing prints like these you should always err on the side of caution. My rule of thumb is to wear only one ‘loud’ accent piece at a time and compliment it with a coordinating solid colors.

Its very easy to pair animal print with base colors like black and brown but why not add gold, silver, or even a burnt orange to the mix? Be daring. You are meant to be seen, no?

If a piece of animal print clothing is too much for you shy girls then that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with starting out small, so a pair of earrings or even an accessory like an umbrella, or shoes can take you far beyond your normal wardrobe expectations.

Tell me if you love it.

Tell me if you hate it.

Tell me, I dare you, that these clothes can be ignored!!

Happy hunting fashion fairies.


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