Wear it Well Wednesday: The Color Red

I’ve got no time for fraidy cats so those of you who wish to continue reading in the comforts of your own routine and bored life may do so. The rest of us are going to do what needs to be done for the chillier weather….We’re gonna wear dope clothes and be DRAMATIC….!? Care to join me!?

The color red stands for many things, all of them having to do with life, passion and excitement. How does one NOT wear a color that instantly instills a sense of adventure and temptation is beyond me. I wear red on the days when I am feeling blue. It cheers me up.

I often wore red during my executive law firm days and while working in finance. The color red is so bold that it is often seen as a color implying dominance. This comes in handy when a woman is working around many men. No need to have a gender cock fight when all I need to do it strap on some amazing red (but conservative) pumps, eh!

Why? Because I’m bold, and I know that by wearing red (tastefully) I would stand out in the room without ever having to open my mouth.

No one else seems to have a problem with wearing the color red as much as BW’s though and now is the time to fall back from that mind set.

What type of life are you trying to create for yourself, woman!?

So you say you can’t wear red?!

Come, come, now….


Does the color red really cause you to break out in hives or did some ignorant speaker box beat you in the head about a color to the point where you fear being seen in public with it?

“Only whores wear red” (translation: Women who are marketing their womanhood only wear red)

“Red is too bright of a color for me” (translation: I don’t want to be seen)

“Red is THE DEVIL’S color” (translation: I’m ignorant)

If so, then you aren’t alone. And now, stand up out your seat and say “I am woman!”

Baby girl, you were meant to be seen, heard and noted!

Here’s a few pieces to get you started.


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