What Black, Latin and Indian Women Need to Do to Combat Colorism

Someone on Twitter sent me this video, and I really couldn’t believe the audacity:

If you’re at work and can’t view the video, I’ll summarize: Hot Indian guy has a courtship with a beautiful brown skinned Indian woman. They part, but she pines for him. She then learns that the man she loved has been married. She passes him and his wife on the street, and she notices that she’s significantly lighter skinned that she is. And you know what the ridiculous message Pond’s transmits? “Don’t let the next guy get away, girl! Bleach your skin so you can be light enough to be marriageable!!”

Sound familiar? I bet it does.

The fact is, colorism in romantic selection impacts women far more than men, but everyone who isn’t “light” enough suffers from discrimination. I honestly don’t know what to do about this issue as a whole, but I certainly do know what Black, Latin, and Indian women should be doing–leaving these a-holes alone. Seriously.

Stop feeding the machine. Why are willing to expose yourself to harmful toxins and potentially life threatening poisons so these idiots take a second look at you?

We live in an age of electronic mobility, which allows for more physical mobility. You don’t have to be trapped by this mess. Are you so beholden to your culture that you are willing to endanger yourself?

Dry up the supply, colorism will die.

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