What the Cuss?

What Da Cuss?! Grandmothers In Their Thirties Get Their Own Reality Show

Lawdhammersee with a cherry on top, but news has it that a major cable network just sent a cattle call for all 30-something grandmothers.

From Fox News:

“Seeking young grandmothers for a starring role in the brand new series ’30 Something Grandmas.’ The show will showcase the stories of extraordinary women whose lives have been changed by the unexpected arrival of a new family member and the even more surprising title of ‘Grandma’!” reads the online casting notice, posted on GotCast.com.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/12/22/major-network-

Now, you do the math: In order for said grandmother to be “nana,” she would have to have had her kid in her late teens, and now, the progeny is preggers with another progeny. I’m just…I can’t believe…well, yes I can. Reality TV is the wart, under an armpit, under the unwashed caveperson. AND!! if I catch any of you watching this train wreck of cluster cuss of a guano of a bat of an upcoming show I’m going to tar and feather you for your own good.


I have school mates and former friends who are 38 and 39–both grandmothers. One of them has five children by four different fathers. The stuff I saw that went on in the apartments of these teen mothers who tried playing house…I still cringe. And trust me, there was nothing fabulous, exciting or anything close to how a normal family behaves. I remember their babies sleeping on the couch when the new man came by, and even as a dumb teenager myself, I was disgusted and swore to gawddinhebbin I would NEVER, EVER subject my child to that, even if I never have a man, a boyfriend, a husband or a jump off, doomed to own 100 cats with fur I’m deathly allergic to. It’s no surprise that their daughters followed the same cycle (both their daughters had children at 17, 18-ish, not married to the fathers, no future).

This is a new low in base behaviors for public consumption. I mean, with 70 percent of black kids born out of wedlock, who do you suppose is going to make the majority of the casting line up?

Just guess.

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