What the Cuss?

What Da Cuss? Po-Dunk Church Bans Interracial Couple?!

I LOVE how the BB&W Crew is on the case to sniff out stink piles of dung like this news the crazy-people church. Most of you already know, but just to recap, some po-dunk, 40-member (50 on Easter) church congregation voted to ban interracial couples from becoming members of their racist band of backwoods idiots, and you know what I say? Let these stink-turds rot. The church will not grow, nor will it flourish. It will wither away like a 90-year-old pew warmer waiting for that golden ticket straight to hell. UPDATE: I guess they’re re-thinking that stance after folks got whiff of the fart cloud.

The BWE pioneers made it plain that many black women will have to leave toxic environments to find their bliss. Last I checked, there’s not a lot of “bliss” going on in the hood. And sometimes that hood mentality may not be made of asphalt and concrete, but in the minds of people who voluntarily cripple and hamstring themselves to destructive, co-dependent relationships. Khadija wrote at length about “the quiet exit,” but I thin we need to take this a step further. Ladies, if you want to find a quality rainbeau man, you need to leave Lynchtown, Virginia, population 1,000. If racism and bigotry are prevalent in these areas, then sojourners have simply left the frying pan to saute in the skillet.

My husband and I went to GREAT pains to choose an environment that would be warm and accepting of our family and our children and we researched the neighborhood with lived in with a fine-toothed come. I drove by after school time so I got the chance to see how the kids related to each other. I went about town and observed the general friendliness and vibes I projected and were projected back to me. Everyone was SUPER nice and me and The Hubster joked that we may just have moved into The Stepford City. In other words we VETTED the city, schools and neighborhoods. One component I believe that is missing some attention is the concept of black women leaving not just pockets within communities, but move out of certain cities, states and (if you’re ambitious) countries that inhibit your self-actualization. I don’t see the point of the couple having any desire whatsoever to be a part of an organization that didn’t want them. I mean, is the crazy-people church the only one in 50 square miles? Meh. These days you can download a church service from iTunes and not even have to break out the ironing board.

Ladies and gents, Pine County, Po-Dunk USA is a dinosaur on it’s last throes of blood-speckled hack-coughs and that WHY it made the news in the first place. Remember the time when it was the other way around and if church welcomed and married an interracial couple it made the 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 11 o’clock?

It’s time to leave the dinosaurs to die in their graveyards. There are hundreds and hundreds of cities where interracial couples are so much a part of the landscape no one even blinks an eye. And since we’re a support group, I want all the ladies and gentlemen who are reading this to jump in with a roll call: What city you at? How’s the racial temperature, hot, cold, or indifferent?

Cities I know that are welcoming (are at least not hostile) to interracial couples:

Temecula, California

Austin, Texas

Seattle, Washington

New York, NY (Manhattan)

Los Angeles, California

San Diego, California

Palmdale, California

Santa Clarita, California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ontario, Canada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fairfield, Connecticut

San Francisco, California

…and that’s just off the top of my head before I’ve even had coffee. Your turn! List the cities where swirling couples can have their bliss.

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