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What I Learned from the Death of Mr. Laurelton Queens.

In the frenzy of all the country’s jubilation of Osama Bin Laden’s death two Sundays ago, another much less significant “death” occurred: the infamous, interracial-dating-black-woman-hating site, “Mr. Laurelton Queens” was shut down by Blogger. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, the proprietor of MLQ, he is to Black Women’s Empowerment (BWE) as Rush Limbaugh is to Democrats.

For years he engaged in his own sort of jihad against some of the pioneers of the BWE movement, like Evia, who runs the Black Female Interracial Marriage E-zine, Cherilyn Smith, blogger and author of the book, Black Women Deserve Better, and Halima, popular auther and blogger of There were some other bloggers he pinged from the peanut gallery (including me), but those three were pretty much his sworn-to-the-death enemies.

For years he called black women who expanded their options to date interracially “sellouts,” and that no man of any race–especially white men–would want most black women, because EVERYONE knows we’re ALL just fat, ugly and loud. He engaged in much foul-mouthed, cigar-smoke filled vitriol with little to no hand-slapping from Blogger, which hosted his site.

Ironically, what I think finally nailed his coffin was a blog that actually SUPPORTED two black females. But these particular girls were not deserving of support, because they did this to a virtually-defenseless transvestite at McDonalds.

WARNING: What you’re about to she is pretty graphic.

He wrote a piece in defense of the hood-boogers who did this, trying to justify it. But his “jump-the-shark” moment came when he suggested that the wo/man who got beaten into a seizure be charged for peeing in the girl’s bathroom in the first place, which allegedly started the brawl.

Then POOF! His blog vaporized into a billion little pixels.

So here’s what I took away from the ultimate silencing of “Mr. Laurelton Queens” (the original album): It’s okay to bash black women on blog after blog after blog after blog after blog after blog ad infinitum, but you better not mess with a member of a protected organization that has the power, money and motivation to e-kick your arse into oblivion.

It also confirmed something I already knew: There’s nothing anywhere close to a group that resembles that kind of support for black women. What’s that you ask? What about the NAACP, Rainbow Coalition or The New Black Panthers?

Oh no; you must be mistaken. Those groups are pretty much exclusively in existence to defend black men. Don’t believe me? Just look at who and what they defend with their mugs on the TEE VEE every chance they get.

I don’t really have the solution to this obvious abandonment, but I think it’s a good idea to point it out so that you ladies can proceed in your lives accordingly. I think BWE is a step in the right direction, but without money, cooperation, resources, media attention and support, we will remain squarely where we are.

OH! And don’t be too quick to dance on Andrew’s grave. He’s vowed to come back with a vengeance. After doing a quick Google search, I found this note on Craigslist he left to his die-hard fans (many of them black AND female):

Dear friends, fans, and supporters.

I know my blog was taken off Blogger. I deeply apologize to all my fans. The launching of the “new improved blog” is coming. In the meanwhile, I will be addressing the sellout black women from craigslist. I know some things have happened recently in the black community. The sellout black women are now trying to dress up like “Asian women” minus the bony bodies, docile attitude, and bad teeth to get homely white men. I must admit launching this blog has been a real challenge. Some of my friends emailed me some tips on controlling my own destiny concerning blogging.

I will not try to get too fancy with my new blog. It will be clear and more focused on topics. I was sicked and tired of being censored by critics. The black man can’t have a forum to voice his opinions? See, when you are winning they can only find a way to tear you down. Obviously, the sellout black women were losing. I have so many albums in my ‘head” since my blog got took down. I literally have to save my ideas. I am the Black Amadeus of blogging. I am able to paint a picture about black women that people can relate to “good” or “bad”. I have caught a lot of flack for allegedly “ridiculing” sellout black women. But they never see the “slap” before I come after them. They always see the “aftermath” of the spanking. It is like my daughter touching the stove and “I popped her hand”. I told her the stove his hot! Unfortunately, she had a fear of the stove for awhile. LOL (I took some parenting classed and learned from my mistakes).


I plan to address Madea and Paul Patton. My various battles with sellout black women authors. There is so much to talk about.

Take it easy.

I guess you can’t keep the black Rush Limbaugh of BWE down for long, huh? But I’ll bet he’ll stay waaaaaaay clear of the gay, lesbian and transgendered community from now on, because his arse got a spanking he’ll not soon forget.

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