What’s It Like to Be a Black Girl in Rome? Dr. Tamara Pizzoli Shows Us.

We are celebrated.






Rome truly seems like a black woman’s Mecca. tamcops-1

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, the creator behind the documentary…

And the new web series, “Black Girls in Rome.”



Some interesting comments about this latest project on Madame Noire:

“Glad it was a black man….definitely still not interested in seeing this tho, however, hip hip horray it wasn’t about the whole notion that black women must find a partner with a man other then the one who looks like her. I dont knock the whole interacial dating agenda , however any other man just isnt my cup of tea. I love coffee, sometimes with a bit of cream, and play with me, sometimes I love it without it…however NEVER with sugar!”

” call this blk woman fantasy.
A dark skinned,natural hair woman finds her a loving blk man in Rome. He ignores all those non blk women for her? A blk man behaving like other races of men with their women.
Lol ok. 
I’ll watch it nothing wrong for make believe.”

I’ll be watching, but I’m hoping this won’t be more “only a black man will do!” propaganda. Judging by the producer’s last name, I believe she married an Italian man.

Above all, character above color.

What’s your thoughts on this?

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