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Why Are Some Black Men Seeing Red When Black Women Date White?

Some black men like to call black women out when they date outside the race

As I go undergo my series of interviews with psychologists and experts in interracial and intercultural relationships for the book, I wanted to make sure I tackled a burning concern many black women have about being seen with a non-black significant other amongst a cluster of disapproving black men. While I’ve heard many theories, I plan to explore each one and try to come to some kind of cohesive thesis–although I am aware there are many factors for the behavior. To be honest, I find their disapproval somewhat self-serving and disingenuous, considering recent census data show that black men marry interracially by DOUBLE DIGITS over black women.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy listening to one psychologist’s take on why black man take it so personally when they see their women “dating out.” Excuse the dodgy audio–I’m just trying to figure this stuff out. Trust me, it will get better!

After listening, feel free to chime in on your opinions as well as your experiences. Weigh in on the issue!

Interview Question for Claire Caines, Psychologist who specializes in interracial relationship counseling, and just so happens to be married interracially:

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Why are Some Black Men so Overt in their Disapproval of Black Women in Interracial and/or intercultural relationships?

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