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Where Dayaaaat?! Nerdy Conventions Are a Rainbeau Smorgasbord

So I went to Blog World in Los Angeles on Friday, and all’s I can say is that I’m so glad I have a press pass, because NO WAY was that convention worth $1,200. They had panels on stuff I already knew, and I pretty much trip and fall into all the stuff I do know, so….whatever. BUT! Had I been a single lady, being surrounded by cute, smart, upwardly mobile men from all shades of the rainbeau would have been a serious boon. I mean, really. You all want to know where these dudes are? They’re at Super-Nerd conferences, and guess what? These places, the MEN OUTNUMBER THE WOMEN, and all of a sudden, you are in a prime pick position. I went to a cocktail party and took out my video camera, and after a few free Heinekeins these guys were more than happy to spill their guts about interracial dating.

My girl, Dee Dee Russell told me this on Facebook:

Conventions are hotbeds of hot educated guys (I keep it on the low…one of my gigs is support staff for conventions…I’ve met Larry Ellison, etc.), ladies can get day passes, the exhibition floors are hotbeds full of single nerd$. WM nerds LOVE BW!! BW are nerds go great together, they understand us. Also talk about sistahs getting day passes (often free), to roam exhibition floors at tech conventions, thats the hive of nerds. Convention halls are a great place to network and get your eyelash batting on. Good swag, too 🙂

Just look-see. Yes, these particular men were attached, but I included it for what they said about US:

So mama’s giving you some homework (mainly because I’m too dayum busy to do it) Google “technology, social networking, and blogging conventions,” then come back and share the links. You single girls need to be all up in those places. Find a reason to be there, then GO already.


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